Making a Splash: 5 Tips for Your Rock the Dress Photo Shoot from Kristin Griffin

Chances are good that your beautiful wedding gown will have one glorious day in the limelight and then get packed away with the rest of your wedding memories. “Why not get one more wear out of it?” says Boston wedding photographer, Kristin Griffin. A “rock the dress” photo shoot is a great way to extend your celebration and capture high-fashion images you didn’t have time for on your wedding day, and Kristin is here to give us 5 helpful tips for this super fun session.

So what can you expect out of your rock the dress shoot?

“I usually bring couples to a place that’s important to them in some way, like the location of the proposal, the first date, or even a shared hobby. Beaches, the city, and hiking trails are always popular, but some of my favorite locations are a little off the beaten path! I once photographed a couple in an ambulance, since they met while working as EMTs. And one bride had her heart set on riding her own horse down the aisle. When the venue said no, her choice for a rock the dress location was pretty simple: the barn.”

Rock the Dress Photos from Kristin Griffin PhotographyRock the Dress Photos from Kristin Griffin Photography Rock the Dress Photos from Kristin Griffin PhotographyHere are 5 tips for your session:

1. Talk to your photographer about your expectations ahead of time. How dirty are you willing to get? Your photographer can protect your dress by having you sit on a clear plastic tarp, if “trashing” your dress makes you nervous.

2. If you’re driving yourself to the shoot, or you’re planning to get wet, wear a bathing suit under your clothes to change on-site. Wet wedding gowns are very heavy, so you’ll want to change once the shoot is done. Be safe – keep to shallow water and stay away from currents.

3. Start with the clean photographs first. Once you go into water/mud/paint, there’s no going back, so make sure you’ve captured all the dry photographs you want before you dive in.

4. When it comes to hair and makeup appointments, many brides go with a more relaxed style than their wedding day look. Remember, the fun of these sessions is the chance to get away from the traditional poses and stress of the wedding and aim for unscripted, spontaneous, creative photographs.

5. When planning the location, think about your personality. If you’re shy and introverted, you may prefer a quiet, rural location, or a place that’s off-season (ie. New England beach in winter). If you love being the center of attention, soak it all up by planning your session in a place that’s more likely to attract crowds.

Rock the Dress Photos from Kristin Griffin Photography Rock the Dress Photos from Kristin Griffin Photography
I love rock the dress sessions- the personalities of the couples really come out when they let their hair down. All the stress of the wedding day has evaporated and we can just have fun and get creative. When I can tell a couple’s full love story (not just their one wedding day) through images, I feel like I’ve succeeded.”

To learn more about this Boston, Massachusetts wedding photographer, and to check out more awesome rock the dress photos, visit Kristin Griffin’s SnapKnot Profile.

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