Romantic Beach Engagement Session

This week we are showcasing a romantic beach engagement session. These beautiful photos were submitted by the bride, Olivia and the session was photographed by Clare of Clare Butler Photography. Here is a little about the couple, Olivia and Will, as told by Olivia herself:

“We met in the summer of 2010 as fresh-faced 17 year olds. I was helping out at a Christian summer camp in the small seaside town of Southwold, where she had grown up. There was talk of a new vicar, who was taking over the parish church, that was arriving that same week with his young family. I met Simon, the new reverend, and after a brief chat it transpired that one of his sons was joining the same year group of the school she attended. Reverend Simon asked whether I would mind looking out for him, as he’d be joining between the year 12 and 13 school year.

Shortly after this I was attending an event for young people, and Will showed up after being coaxed into going by his Dad. They spoke a lot that evening, for the week that followed, and left with plans to meet in September at school. They soon became really great friends. So much so that the year group was placing bets on when they would become a couple. Will would pass notes exchanged between myself and his little sister Hilary as they had become close during the time they had spent together over the summer. My Dad, as the doctor of Southwold, soon became friendly with Will’s Dad, the vicar of Southwold, and both sets of parents wondered, and secretly hoped as it turns out, that something might blossom between their two children.

On Valentine’s Day 2011, an anonymous rose and card turned up in my locker. After much speculating, the truth emerged that it was from Will and things changed over the next two months. After helpful prods from both sets of parents, Will and I started dating in April of that year and were to go on to battle long distance for four years while we attended different universities.”

beach engagement

beach engagement

“Then on a chilly winter’s night in December of 2016, we attended a Christmas carol service at St. Edmund’s church in Southwold where Will’s Dad was leading the service. Afterwards he asked Will to take his laptop home for him and passed over a laptop bag. Will’s Mum and sister said they were going to go food shopping and would meet us at home, so Will suggested we take a moonlit stroll along the seafront back to his house. As it was a gorgeously crisp evening I thought that was a lovely idea. There’s nothing better than being tucked up in a coat when its cold outside. We walked to the beach and started heading along the promenade. The sea was really calm and the bright moon was reflecting off the water, so everything had a beautiful glow. At one point in our walk Will stopped me and asked me to close my eyes. He left me for a moment and I could hear doors opening to the right of me. Will took my hand and led me up some steps and into a beach hut filled with fairy-lights.”

“He sat me down and told me he wanted to me watch a video with him. Then, on the laptop he had been carrying with him, the most romantic video began to play. It was reasons he loved me and beautiful quotes from books and films, accompanied by pictures of us from the last 6 years and had the most perfect soundtrack of all our favorite songs. We were both crying as the video came to an end. Then he got down on one knee, said some very precious words, and asked me to marry him. Of course I said Yes! It was such a joyful moment for us both and something we will remember with the greatest affection in the years to come. I love that Will has written down what he said and that his Mum and sister were able to secretly snap photos of us! Afterwords, feeling absolutely euphoric, we headed back to Will’s home. I was surprised to find my parents and learned that they had been in on the surprise after Will had gotten my Dad’s blessing a few months earlier. Both our families shared champagne, hugs, and emotional words to perfectly bring to a close the best day of our lives…. so far!”

“We are getting married in St Edmund’s Church, Southwold. There was never going to be another place for us, as it holds so many special memories and it was a huge part of us coming together in the first place. Will’s Dad will be marrying us too, which we feel is going to be particularly precious. The day is going to be very family orientated, and we have no doubt that quite a few locals are very keen to come along to the ceremony since our Dad’s have people approaching them from all angles.”

beach engagement

beach engagement

Thank you so much, Olivia, for submitting such beautiful photos and such a wonderful story about you and Will. We absolutely loved it all!

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