Artistic and Romantic Wedding Photos: Black Forest Photography

We are delighted to welcome Becky Kercher of Black Forest Photography to our list of Colorado Springs, Colorado wedding photographers. Because Becky understands that brides and grooms spend a lot of time picking out colors, themes, and choosing every other wedding detail, she always tries to find some sort of artistic angle when documenting a wedding. Subsequently, her specialty lies in capturing artistic and romantic wedding photos with a fun, candid flair.

“A wedding is the grand celebration of a couple’s romance so you must have some of the couple’s romantic flair incorporated into the photographs.”

Kelly of Black Forest PhotographyBecky became a photographer because, as she explains, she has always been “one with the camera”. Whatever outing or gathering she attended growing up, everyone could count on the fact that she would take pictures. It wasn’t until her friends started getting married that she realized two things: 1) That people made their living at photography, and 2) That she could do what they were doing, only better.

In 1999, Becky opened her business. She tells clients that she has been a professional photographer for fourteen years; however, the reality is that she’s been a photographer her whole life.

“I’ve always been photographing someone or something. I love ‘seeing’ people through a lens.”

Romantic Wedding Images from Black Forest Photography Romantic Wedding Images from Black Forest PhotographyBecky loves what she does for a living, and believes it a great gift to be able to capture the memories that people hold dearest to their hearts. She has three precious children and enjoys her spoiled dog.

Although a Colorado native, Becky lived in New Jersey for a good portion of her life and loves her “Jersey people.” Alas, Colorado is still her home and she takes full advantage of all of the natural beauty the state has to offer.

Romantic Wedding Images from Black Forest PhotographySal and Taylor Cincotta are two wedding photographers that Becky looks to for professional inspiration. She was lucky enough to meet them on one of their tours through Colorado and believes they are wonderful people as well as talented photographers. In addition, Becky adores glamour photographer, Sue Bryce. While Sue is not a wedding photographer, Becky feels that she is a genius with light and posing, which is applicable to all women. She also believes that Sue is an empowering individual and amazing for photographers in need of inspiration.

On a personal level, Becky looks up to her own grandmother and is influenced by her work ethic and unconditional love.

Romantic Wedding Images from Black Forest Photography Romantic Wedding Images from Black Forest Photography Romantic Wedding Images from Black Forest PhotographyThroughout the hundreds of weddings that Becky has attended, she has one particularly fun event that she holds dear to her heart:

“Last summer during a wedding in the mountains, the wedding party decided they wanted to get in the river. This was after the ceremony, of course. They all took off their shoes and socks and got in the water. I think the bride wanted them dry for the reception or they would have gotten completely soaked. Still, the whole party (including the groom) got in! The whole night was basically a party like that. I love when people have fun!”

Romantic Wedding Images from Black Forest PhotographyOur newest Colorado wedding photographer compares finding a wedding photographer to shopping for a car:

“I would hope that most people don’t go into a car dealer without knowing something about the cars they are shopping for, or decide to have a medical procedure without doing research. The same should be said about photography.”

Becky encourages engaged couples to ask about what type of files they are getting, if their photos are touched up, and what gear the photographer is using (not just Canon or Nikon), but lenses as well. If the photographer doesn’t have fast lenses, she explains, then they won’t be able to photograph in low-light conditions, such as a dark church or reception.

Romantic Wedding Images from Black Forest Photography Romantic Wedding Images from Black Forest PhotographyA few more fun facts about our recent addition? Becky loves music and photographs musicians as well.

“It is my guilty pleasure to go to concerts and get to lean on the stage and experience the energy there. Then the next day I will do yoga. It’s all about the feeling.”

To see more artistic and romantic wedding photos, visit Becky at Black Forest Photography.


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