San Jose Wedding Photographer: Steven Cotton

We are delighted to welcome Steven Cotton, creator and owner of Steven Cotton Photography, to our list of San Jose wedding photographers. Outside of wedding photography, Steven is a full-time student at Pennsylvania State University’s World Campus and coaches high school girl’s basketball at Valley Christian High School.

San Jose Wedding Photographer Steven Cotton PhotographySteven was always involved in athletics growing up and only recently discovered his love for photography. His wife (girlfriend at the time) got him his first DSLR camera as a birthday gift (a Nikon D3000) and he quickly became obsessed.

After getting used to this new piece of equipment Steven began by shooting sports photography and established Sure Sports Photography. A lot of his friends and family were involved in sports and he saw this as an opportunity to combine his passions. Fast-forward about two years and Steven Cotton Photography was created. Between his two ventures, Steven spends a few days each week shooting various sporting events, portrait sessions, and weddings.

San Jose Wedding Photographer Steven Cotton Photography San Jose Wedding Photographer Steven Cotton PhotographySan Jose Wedding Photographer Steven Cotton PhotographySteven and his wife have a sweet and unique love story. Although they have been married for less than a year, the two have lived around each other their entire lives. As children they grew up one street over from each other and visited the same cabana club, ice cream store, etc., and never knew it. They ended up at the same high school, where they both played basketball, but were never romantically interested in one another (Steven claims he was a lot cooler than her back then).

Several years down the road they bumped into each other playing basketball in junior college and eventually started working at the same fitness center, at which point they finally started dating. Looking back at the times they randomly popped in and out of each other’s lives, Steven believes its clear that they were simply meant to be together from the start.

They often fantasize about leaving the hustle and bustle of San Jose for the laid back beach life of San Diego.

“Like every bride and groom, we have a special bond; as a photographer, it is cool to be a part of other couple’s ‘story’ and capture the start of a new and exciting time in their lives. This is why I love wedding photography so much!”

San Jose Wedding Photographer Steven Cotton Photography San Jose Wedding Photographer Steven Cotton PhotographySteven encourages couples just starting their search for a wedding photographer to consider the connection they have with a each one they interview.

“You want someone who is professionally able to capture all of the important moments of your wedding day, but you also want someone who is fun, upbeat, and easy to be around. If you’re able to be relaxed and vibe with the photographer, the pictures will come out great and it will almost be as if the photographer is just another guest who is celebrating your wedding day right along with you.”

San Jose Wedding Photographer Steven Cotton Photography San Jose Wedding Photographer Steven Cotton PhotographyTo see more images from this San Jose wedding photographer, visit Steven Cotton Photography.

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