Say Hello to Chad Winstead Photography

Please give a big SnapKnot welcome to Chad Winstead Photography, the newest addition to the Emerald Isle, North Carolina area!  Although Chad is new to the world of wedding photography he couldn’t be more excited and passionate about it! Read on to find out what inspires him and you don’t want to miss out on a special offer!

About yourself: I’m 21 and have been shooting weddings for around two years. I didn’t get into photography until I was 18 and I quickly fell in love with shooting people and cars. I am a very laid back and down to earth individual, but I like to joke around and have fun.

I really enjoy making other people happy and giving people something to treasure. After shooting a friends portraits, I received a lot of compliments on how they turned out so I quickly began looking for more people to shoot. I then shot a friends wedding video and after it was published, I started receiving messages and emails about other work. After getting some practice and building a small portfolio, I decided to make a Facebook page. That Facebook page then turned into a website, which turned into me getting more serious about my work.

Experience: 2-3 years

What’s your style: I try not to classify my work, because none of my shoots ever have the same feel or same looking shots. I guess contemporary might work?

Influences: I can’t really say 1 specific person had an influence on my work either. I browse flickr and other forums that sometimes influence my ideas, but most of my work is kind of my own imagination going in my head. I am a big fan of Ryan Brenizer’s style though.

Fun wedding story? I recently shot a wedding during Hurricane Sandy. That was interesting…

Cannon or Nikon? I’m a Nikon fan. I shoot mainly with a d7000 until I can upgrade to a full frame d800. I have a variety of lenses, but my favorite is probably my 80-200 2.8 or the good ole nifty fifty. I also like to use off camera flashes to play with light.

Advice: Figure out what you want your wedding photos to say about you. Look for a photographer that can put their personal touch on what you have in mind to make them unique to you!

Fun Facts: I am also a musician, mechanic, and for some reason I’m pretty good at random, obscure sports (corn hole, ping pong, horseshoes, and pool). I’m a huge Carolina Panthers fan, and yes you should feel sorry for me for that.

From now until January 30th, Brides can book me for 2013 for 15% off!

To see more beautiful photos from this new wedding photographer, check out his website!

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