Scenic Wedding Photos

The bride and groom are the centers and (of course) the most important focus of any wedding photo, but having a beautiful backdrop can give the photo that extra something to make it really stand out.  The beauty of scenic wedding photos is that they utilize the amazing landscapes that natural surroundings that this wonderful world offers.

We have pulled together some of our favorite scenic wedding photos. These not only showcase the bride and groom but also beautiful skylines, mountains, greenery, and more. You can find a beautiful landscape anywhere… whether you are in a city, with an amazing skyline in the distance, on the water, or simply surrounded by wildlife in the middle of the mountains.  These photos can be used for inspiration if you hope to have beautiful scenic wedding photos to remember forever.

Here are some of our favorite photos from our SnapKnot members:

The first photo from Gregg & Cath Photography is just amazing. What a perfect, and beautiful, spot for a wedding ceremony right in the valley between the mountains!

This wedding is located between mountains, providing a magnificent natural backdrop and an intimate wedding mood.

Lin & Jirsa took this amazing portrait in a place that you can’t go wrong with any type of scenic wedding photo: Hawaii!

the couple kissing with a picturesque view of the beach in Hawaii.
The pair kissing at sunset adds to the unique effect in the scene.

Jaime with Jaime Glez Photography used clear blue skies to capture this amazing bridal portrait. The blue background of the sky really showcases the bride, creating a gorgeous shot.

the bride in a flash utilizing her veil as a natural backdrop with the skies and birds

What a fun moment that Jerome Pollos Photography captured of these newlyweds laughing with the snow, water, and mountains in the background.

The bride is carried by her groom while having fun with mountains, river, and snow in the background.

Another one of our favorite scenic wedding photos is this amazing and bright shot by Jerry Puts Photography. It was a perfect day for a wedding with the clear sky, fresh, green grass, and the tree in the distance.

A gorgeous wedding with a clear sky, fresh, green grass, and a tree in the distance while the couple enjoys an affectionate kiss.

What an amazingly beautiful view this is! If you are having your wedding at a location as beautiful as the one below, be sure to capture a shot that shows the entire landscape like this one taken by Melissa Rae Photography. It will be a shot you will definitely want to remember for years to come.

a fantastic setting for a gorgeous wedding with a wonderful landscape as background

Photography by KLC found the perfect spot by the water for this couple to take a memorable photograph gazing into each other’s eyes.

The two are staring affectionately at each other on the beach, with a rock formation behind them.

This couple decided to take a photo up against the fence with the beautiful trees and fields behind them. The greenery really brings out the couple and makes for an amazing photo by Songbird Weddings

This couple decided to pose against the fence, with the beautiful trees and fields in the background. The foliage draws attention to the duo and makes for an excellent photograph.

Our members truly have some beautiful photos! Here are a few other scenic wedding photos we found that may give you some more inspiration.

At the back of a scenic greenery and mountain wedding location, the couple kisses with all of their guests.
The bride and groom are gazing away from the camera, enjoying the beautiful view of the mountains and river in front of them.
a beautiful image of the bride with a stunning landscape of mountains and blue skies.
The bride and the groom enjoy a beautiful kiss in an enormous setting covered with snow.
the couple sharing an intimate kiss against a stunning snowy mountain and sky backdrop

Using the natural beauty of the world around us makes for a wonderful background in your wedding photography. Think about the time of day, in case you want to capture an amazing sunrise or sunset in the distance of your photos. Is there a field that has thousands of colorful flowers all around it? Or even the greenery of the forest can make for a great backdrop for your wedding photos. Scenic wedding photos can be taken anywhere!

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Do you know of an AMAZING place that has natural beauty and is perfect for scenic wedding photos? We would love to hear your ideas.

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