Sexy Little Bride: Le Boudoir Studio

Let’s give a big SnapKnot welcome to Le Boudoir Studio which is located in Tempe, Arizona!  They recently did a Victoria Secret inspired photo shoot for a bride-to-be! Check it out:

One thing we l-o-v-e is women and making women feel beautiful is what we are all about. Brides especially deserve to feel beautiful!!

Le Boudoir Studio loves a woman who comes to us a little or a lot inspired by anything that is going to make her feel ooo- la- la sexy. That’s exactly what the beautiful Amanda did when she came to us to do her sexy little bride inspired photo shoot. She saw the Victoria Secret “I Do” spread and was hooked. With her upcoming nuptials, she figured why not surprise her husband to be with some wedding inspired boudoir photos? Lucky guy?! We’d say so! Amanda was able to become the Victoria’s Secret model that she (and probably every woman) would love to be and was able to use the already existing photos as inspiration which really created some fun and motivating energy! It was an amazing and fun concept that we loved obliging her in. The end result of her shoot was amazing. Check out some of her stunning photos below…

“Bravo Amanda for being such a pleasure to work with. Congratulations on the wedding (4.27.12) and may we say once more that Joseph is one lucky man! We wish you the best and hope that your pictures inspire other women to embrace their inner vixen.” – Le Boudoir Studio

If you find any picture(s) that demand attention and you want to recreate the vibe, scene or pose you see Le Boudoir Studio is ready to help you create whatever your vision may be. Creativity is what they are all about. Don’t have anything in mind? No problem, you can allow them to create your shoot from scratch!

To check out more sexy wedding photos from Le Boudoir Studio check out their website!

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