SnapKnot Updates and New Improvements to the Site

We are so excited to tell you about some new exciting SnapKnot updates we are implementing to our site! We love our members (both photographers and engaged couples!) and are always here to help you in any way that we can. Our goal is to help you book more weddings by matching you with couples through our Lead-Match System (LMS) and by giving you a great place to promote and showcase your work.

Here are the new improvements to SnapKnot that are being implemented:

Couples Can Include Their Phone Number As Another Way To Be Contacted

Have you been matched with a couple, claimed that lead, reached out to them but never heard anything back? We want to make getting in touch with your matched couples easier so now when couples submit a match request through SnapKnot, they can enter their phone number which will be given to photographers. This provides photographers another method to contact the couple to schedule a consultation or meeting, or simply to chat and find out more details about the couple’s needs.

This screen shot shows you where the couple’s phone number will be located on your dashboard in their message.

Phone Number included

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down System: Couples Can Now Give a Reason Why They Passed On A Specific Photographer

We understand the frustrations that come with not hearing anything back from a couple. When a couple requests to be matched with as many photographers as they want through our LMS, photographers then claim that couple and every photographer tries to reach out. Many times a couple may not reply because of a variety of reasons, but as a photographer, you never know why you have not heard back and immediately think that no couples are interacting through SnapKnot… where that is simply not the case.

A couple may choose to pass on a photographer for many reasons. Maybe they already booked someone else. Maybe they prefer a different style of photography for their wedding than what you can offer. Or, the price may even be the issue. In the past, there has been no way for the couple to tell a photographer that they are matched with that they have decided to pass and not use them. Now, engaged couples are able to pass on a photographer and can provide a specific reason as to why they passed.

So, how does this work? This new system can be seen on your member dashboard. When you log into your account and are looking at your matched couples, that is where the thumbs up, thumbs down system will show up. When a couple sees a message from a matched photographer, they can easily click a thumbs up (which easily let’s them send a reply to that photographer) or they can choose to click the thumbs down and are easily given options to choose the reason why they decided to pass on that photographer. When a photographer receives the message back, they will see if they got a thumbs up, and will get the message the couple wrote back to the photographer, or they will see if the couple decided to pass which will also include the reason why.

The first screen shot below is what a photographer will see when they are in their dashboard looking at their matched couples. The second screen shot is the screen a couple will see when they can choose the thumbs up or thumbs down for that specific photographer. The last screen shot is the different options a couple will have to choose from if they pass on a specific photographer.

SnapKnot updates

snapknot updates

snapknot updates

Photographers Can See If Couple Has Read Their Message

A photographer can click the green “check status” button on their claimed tab to see if a couple has actually read their first message or not. From that spot, a photographer can easily follow up with the couple if you choose to do so.

This screen shot below shows what you will see if you want to check on if a message to a specific couple has been read yet or not. You will also see whether or not you have already follow-up (and if so, when) and it will also give you another reminder of the couple’s phone number so you can easily give them a call.

SnapKnot updates

Coming Soon: Leads Will Be Sent Out in Real Time

As of now, leads go out by email notification at 9 a.m. ET and this is another SnapKnot update in the making. Coming very soon, we are changing up the leads so they will come out in real time. If a couple submits a request at 6 p.m. PT, the lead notification will go out right when the request is submitted. If a couple puts in a lead at midnight ET, the lead notification will go out right then. This may mean that photographers will receive more emails with the lead notifications (rather than getting one notification for the day at 9 a.m. ET like you are right now), but that means that all photographers will be getting leads randomly, whenever the lead comes out…. and it provides more flexibility and better chances that the couple will still be engaged in the process.

We think all of these SnapKnot updates will really improvement our system and will help more photographers book more weddings and will help couples find their most perfect photographer!

If you ever have questions on the lead-match system, or any of these updates, please never hesitate to ask us!

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