Wedding Traditions: “Something Old”

When it comes to the first component in the “Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue” wedding tradition, there is no shortage of personal items for a bride to choose from. The object represents continuity with the bride’s family and the past, and can be just about anything. Here are 8 creative ways to implement “Something Old” into your wedding:

1. Antique Jewelry

“The bride wore her great great great grandmother’s ring. The ring has been in the family for generations and was originally purchased by the great great great grandmother’s father for her 16th birthday.”

– Photographer Julia Rose

2. Vintage Wedding Dress

“Here is a great ‘old’ piece…the passing of the veil from mother to daughter. It was so gorgeous on the bride, and so fragile that she only wore it for photos, and then returned it to its box.”

– Misty Enright Photography

3. Photo Charm

“The bride had a picture of her grandfather during his service days, it was an old picture that was placed into a frame and attached to her bouquet.”

– Photographer Julia Rose

4. A Belonging From a Family Member Who Has Passed Away

“Joanna’s father passed away before he could walk her down the aisle, so she had a locket with photographs attached to her bouquet, and a favorite uncle stepped in to give her away.”

– Kristin Griffin Photography

5. A Childhood Accessory

“Hidden in her updo, the bride had a blue bird hair clip. This clip not only was perfect (love birds) but it happened to be one of her very first hair clips ever. Fulfilling something old and something blue.”

– Photographer Julia Rose

6. Favorite Shoes

“The bride felt she would just be more comfortable being in her ‘old’ Hunter Boots.”

– Joanna Moss Photography

7. A Gift From Significant Other

“The bride wore a ‘Blue’ ‘Old bracelet on her ankle that was given to her by the groom when they were first dating. (So cute!)”

– Joanna Moss Photography

8. Something From the Parent’s Wedding

“Since she was getting ready in her parent’s home, Jenny asked her mother to pull out her wedding gown, hat, gloves, and other accessories from her own wedding day, so she could take family photographs in front of her mother’s gown.”

– Kristin Griffin Photography

Fun Tip: Have the giver of the artifact leave a personalized note, it will make it even more special!

“Something old can be really anything. I have seen pennies, hankies, pocket-watches, pins, etc. But what really makes something special is what is personalized. Here is a pic of a hanky given to a bride by her grandmother, but the grandmother has written her a special note to be included in the tradition!”

– Misty Enright Photography

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