Jennifer Callahan: A Lovely, Southern Engagement

Jennifer Callahan, one of our Asheville, North Carolina wedding photographers, has always loved the commonality of human lives and at the same time, those things that make us unique and specific in the world. With that in mind, she likes her photographs to reflect an intimate quality that dignifies each person as an important human story.

We think that Jennifer did an impeccable job with her goals in her latest engagement shoot. Here are some of our favorites from the lovely couple’s Southern wedding photos:

couple, kissing, front, barn

woman, hugging, man, behind

couple, nuzzling

“Rather than imposing a strict approach to the photography, I respond creatively and spontaneously to real moments that arise throughout the day.”

couple, forest

couple, sitting, beside, each, other

couple, engagement, shoot

couple, sitting, together

To see more Southern wedding photos from Jennifer Callahan, visit her website:

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