Friday Photo Feature: Sparkler Wedding Portrait

What better way to add a little spark to the weekend than by sharing today’s electrifying Friday Photo Feature. Stacie and Ryan are the pair featured in this sparkler wedding portrait taken by Gigi Hickman Photography in Dayton, Washington. Some other fun facts about their event? Ryan is a beekeeper so their wedding was completely bee-themed. How cute!

Sparkler Wedding Photo from Gigi Hickman PhotographyWant to re-enact this shot? 

Photographers: Genevieve of Gigi Photography explains that the key to a good sparkler shot is custom ordering 14-inch or longer sparklers. The normal ones sold in stores burn out too quickly, so for things like sparkler exits (with friends and family) or for posed sparkler photos, they are a must.

Visit Gigi Hickman Photography for more dazzling wedding photos!

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