Meet photojournalist and stunning wedding photographer Daniel Kramer

Daniel Kramer of Houston, Texas has been a published photographer since 1990.  Kramer has a wide array of stunning wedding images to show for! Below is an interview with the talented Daniel Kramer himself.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Daniel Kramer and I was born in the frozen tundra of Green Bay, Wisconsin where my dad and his Green Bay Packer teammates won five championships under Vince Lombardi.

I have a BA in Journalism and an MFA in Documentary Photojournalism. I have work in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (where I’ve lived the past 11 years) and I’ve exhibited my photojournalism locally, nationally and internationally. I’ve shot for NewsweekThe New York Times and The Wall Street Journal among others.

I shot my first wedding in 1998 – a gift to my college roommate/rugby teammate. I still use shots from that wedding in my highlight reel!

2. Why did you choose to become a photgrapher?

It wasn’t until my second photography class that I got it. My final project was published in The Minnesota Daily, one of the largest (40,000 I think?) school newspaper in the nation at that time. Wow. I was hooked. I found myself skipping meals so I could stay in the dark room longer.

3. How would you classify your photography style?

Photojournalistic, wide angle, low light, moody, colorful

4. Who are some of your influences either on a personal or professional level?

I’d start with Stan Lee – I think I get my color sensibilities from the color comics of the ’70s. Then I’d have to say my mom – the family documentarist: still & video. And my dad taught me to think big. Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh caught my attention later in life and then I discovered the color photography of Alex Webb and Ernst Haas.

5. Do you have any good wedding stories?

I think the coolest wedding I’ve shot recently has to be the marriage of the Eqyptian Princess to the Texas Redneck. The ceremony was performed in an Orthodox church complete with incense burners, monks and crowns.

6. What would you recommend for a couple starting their search for a wedding photographer?

Look at what the national average is for a wedding package. I think it’s somewhere around $3k. Look at samples, look at testimonials, meet with them… does your personality mesh? This photographer person is going to be with you all the way through one of the biggest days of your life… I view myself kind of as an old-world craftsman who takes great pride in his work.

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