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White Ivory Photography is a relatively new member on SnapKnot and we wanted to give you the opportunity to learn a bit more about Sandra, the woman behind White Ivory, and share a few photos with you (see more on Sandra’s profile):

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Sandra of White Ivory Photography

Tell us a bit about yourself. I was born and raised in Quebec City, Canada, a far cry from Florida! My hubby and I have a wonderful two year old boy. He’s my pride and joy. We live in Bradenton, Florida. I’m a graphic designer by trade, which comes in pretty handy for my photography business. I love traveling and being outdoors. I’m not the “camping” kind of girl, but I think being in touch with nature gives you a different perspective on life.

Why did you choose to become a photographer? My husband is actually the person that got me into photography. We bought our first high end point and shoot camera as a couple. He taught me about the functions and inner working parts of the camera. I was hooked from then on. I kept practicing because I wanted so badly to learn and to get better. I finally decided to make a go of it and I don’t think I could ever turn back. I absolutely love what I do and am inspired by the people I photograph.

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How long have you been a photographer? I started out about seven years ago. I finally bought my first DSLR back in 2006. I officially started my business last year.

How would you classify your style of photography? I think my style of photography is fun and romantic. I also love to add creativity by thinking outside the box and working outside my comfort zone. Capturing the unexpected moments is also very important to me. That’s when you see true emotion. It’s phenomenal!

Who or what are some of your influences on either a personal or professional level? On a personal level, my husband is my influence. I admire his “zen” like attitude and demeanor and I think I secretly “strive” to be like him! On a professional level, I am inspired by other great photographers out there. I have my favorites and I am always amazed at the creativity that they bring to their craft.

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Do you have any good wedding stories? Just as a generality, I’m a big softy when if comes to couples in love. I’ve shed a few tears during the ceremony. But that will be our little secret.

What’s your preferred type of camera equipment? I am a Nikon girl! Camera’s, flashes, lenses, you name it, it’s Nikon.

What would you recommend for a couple just starting their search for a wedding photographer? Find a photographer that meshes with your personality. One that you feel you can open up to and talk to, almost like a friend. I don’t think you will feel comfortable otherwise. Also, I believe that customer service is important too. You might not get what you’re looking for with the photography that takes forever to get back to you. I just think that it’s important to be responsive. Clients are entrusting you with a big piece of their wedding day. You need to return that trust.

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Any fun personal facts we should know about you?

I drive my husband a little nutty because I talk about camera equipment
a lot!

I love chocolate and wine.

I am big into science fiction movies. My girlfriends think I’m weird for liking sci-fi.

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White Ivory Photography is a wedding photographer based in Sarasota, Florida. Contact Sandra today!

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