Friday Photo Feature: Jockey’s Ridge Sunset Wedding Shot

If you find your jaw dropping at this unbelievable sunset wedding shot, you’re not alone. Raleigh, North Carolina wedding photographer, Shaun King, took this epic shot of Sophia and Matt during their August union at the Outer Banks North Carolina. The portrait you’re looking at was photographed at Jockey’s Ridge State Park where the couple patiently waited for the sun to be in the exact right place.

“Sophia and Matt eloped for their wedding and that gave us a lot of flexibility in scheduling their portraits. We are ambitious photographers so we scheduled sunrise portraits to start at 6am and we ended the night photographing with sparklers at 11:00pm.”

Sunset Wedding Portraits from Shaun King PhotographyWant to re-enact this shot?

Brides: Sometimes it is worth it to be patient on your wedding day for the right moment to reveal itself in your photograph.

Photographers: The best moment of the sunset is fleeting. Be patient for it but also take safety shots in case the light becomes dull too quickly. And to bring out surprisingly lovely colors in your sunset images, don’t just add vibrancy and saturation.

King continues:

“Also consider selectively adjusting the color temperature with a gradient blend across your image. If you don’t over-process it, the final result will reveal a range of colors in your image without digital noise and artifacts that would otherwise result from digital painting or selective color saturation.”

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