The Artistic Mix of R Spears Photography

R Spears Photography is one of the latest additions to our list of San Antonio, Texas photographers! SnapKnot is excited to have this artistic wedding photographer on board! Take a look at what inspires Richard and don’t miss a special deal he’s offering:

1) Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Richard Spears. My wife, Judi and our daughter Kelly are “R Spears Photography”. I take the pictures, Judi handles the business, and Kelly is my voice-activated light stand (V.A.L.). People have asked me “Have you always wanted to be a photographer?” No, not in the womb, but right after that, yes… Actually I went into law enforcement after college and was a police officer for over 20 years.

2) Why did you choose to become a photographer?
I used to take my camera to motorcycle rallies. I would take pictures at Sturgis, and dozens of other rallies around the US, and post them on my website. After a while, people would ask me to take pictures of their motorcycle, or portraits at the rally, and they were offering to pay me. Photography is something that has always been fun for me. It was an outlet for my artistic side.

3) How long have you been a photographer?
The first time I picked up a camera, I was in High School. I worked part time for the local newspaper, and would occasionally be assigned to go take a picture of the Lions Club giving a check to a charity. I didn’t know how to operate the camera, so I tried to learn quick. I bought my first “good” camera when my son was born in 1984. I made the switch to digital about 8 years ago, and put away film forever.

4) How would you classify your style of photography?
I wouldn’t say that my “style” could be described as being just one discipline. I like an artistic mix of Traditional “posed” shots and Photojournalism ‘candid’ shots. I’ve been told that I sort of blend into the background at the wedding, and don’t make it obvious when I’m taking pictures. I love the elegant posed portraits, but I have the most fun with the candid shots. I think that’s where you really capture the emotion of the wedding.

5) Who or what are some of your influences on either a personal or professional level?
On a personal level, my mother and grandparents were the ones who were responsible for my work ethic and encouraging my art. I always wanted to be like John Wayne. No, actually, I wanted to BE John Wayne. I like to think I’m pretty close. In photography, there are so many artists that inspire me. I get inspired when I see the wedding work of Joe Buissink. Although they are not wedding photographers, I’m also in awe of Joel Grimes and Zack Arias.

6) Do you have any good wedding stories?
Lots! Ask me about the time I did a wedding portrait on top of a tank. (Yes, a real military tank). Or there’s the time that the brother of the groom got drunk and started a fight during the reception and got arrested.

7) What’s your preferred type of camera equipment?
I’m a Nikon guy.

8) What would you recommend for a couple just starting their search for a wedding photographer?
I wrote a pretty good article about this that is posted on my blog: Look at the photographer’s website. If it’s confusing or sloppy, that’s probably an indication of how they work. The website should make you go “Wow” within 30 seconds of landing on it. If you contact a photographer on the phone or email, you should get a response within a few hours, not days. When you meet with a photographer, notice what he/she brings to the meeting. You should see albums, an 8×10 print portfolio, and if they are technologically hip, you should also see their digital work on an ipad or tablet. Beware if they don’t have or use a contract.

9) Any fun personal facts we should know about you?
I’m a computer geek that loves editing with PhotoShop. I can juggle. In college I worked as a stage magician and hypnotist. I’m a movie fan. I still ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle. I own three tuxedos. Judi and I have a Great Dane who talks like Scooby Do, and is convinced that she is not a dog.

Anything else to add about yourself, the wedding industry, photography, brides, grooms, etc?
Almost every photographer writes on their website that they are “Passionate” about wedding photography. Well, I will say that I love romance, weddings, and that I don’t have clients… I have friends. It’s much more fun to photograph a friend’s wedding than a client. The one thing that I’ll say about the wedding industry…. too many brides get so stressed out in planning the wedding. This is supposed to be fun. Gather good people to make your wedding memorable. Take a deep breath, pour a glass of wine, and relax. This is fun.


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