The Best Wedding Photography of 2015

Four times a year, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) conducts a wedding photography contest for their members. With 20 categories to submit to, all the photographer members submit their best shots and we wanted to share with you a few of the winning images from the last four contests over the course of the last year.

best wedding photography, Cole Kor
Photo credit: Cole Kor
best wedding photography, Felipe Fuentes
Photo credit: Felipe Fuentes
best wedding photography, Pierre Bomfilm
Photo credit: Pierre Bomfilm
best wedding photography, Brian Callaway
Photo credit: Brian Callaway
Hendra Lesmana
Photo credit: Hendra Lesmana
best wedding photography, Victor Lax
Photo credit: Victor Lax

Andrea Cittadini
Photo credit: Andrea Cittadini
Lili Del Angel
Photo credit: Lili Del Angel
best wedding photography, Reese Allen
Photo credit: Reese Allen
Gabriela Matei
Photo credit: Gabriela Matei
Raphael Ranosi
Photo credit: Raphael Ranosi
Volodymyr Ivash
Photo credit: Volodymyr Ivash

To see even more photos that won throughout the year, visit the original article we found on MSN. Do you love these photos? Here are some winners in the Junebug Weddings Best of the Best Wedding Photography Contest from last year. Check those out here.

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