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Thanks to Twitter, we recently connected with Nicole VanScoten of
The Plunge Project, a “wedding blog for real brides.” Nicole is engaged herself, and she shares wedding planning and style tips on her blog. Nicole’s also a PR and social media pro. She was nice enough to answer a few of our questions, so read on to learn more about Nicole and The Plunge Project!

Who are you? What’s your story?

I’m a 24-year-old Public Relations professional in Knoxville, Tenn. trying to plan my big day in the midst of all the other craziness.

nicole of the plunge project

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Why did you start The Plunge Project?

I had been blogging about PR and social media on another blog for about a year, and after getting engaged, I started a weekly wedding column. From that, I realized how much I really enjoyed blogging about planning my big day and how much other brides-to-be enjoyed reading about it, so I decided to move my blogging attention from PR to wedding planning, and thus the Plunge Project was born. It’s fun too because I’ll always have my old posts to look back at to remember this time.

What can brides find at The Plunge Project?

Basically anything and everything wedding and beyond. I have the usual wedding inspiration stuff, DIY projects, etc. But then I also try to add in a little bit of myself by inputting my own opinion and sharing my own wedding planning stories. I also love to find cool items on Etsy and blog them. Of course, The Plunge Project is still fairly new, so it’s not as robust as it will be…but it’s getting there.

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Image from GeeZees

What makes you different from other wedding blogs/sites?

While there are tons of wedding blogs out there, I like to put my own spin on The Plunge Project. I’m blogging as a fellow bride, so I make it a point to show my readers who I am through my posts and reach them on a more personal level. My goal is that The Plunge Project will become a community of sorts, where I can share not only my personal wedding planning experience, but also things that might help other brides-to-be. And of course, I’d like it to become a place where my readers can share as well. In addition, I want The Plunge Project to be something that grows with me. My plan is that the blog will evolve as my life does: from a bride-to-be planning her dream wedding – to a wife – and one day to a mother. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…but I have hopes that it will evolve with my readers as well.

rustic centerpiece

Rustic centerpiece from Design*Sponge

Do you have any advice for brides planning their weddings?

Plan ahead! Some people thought I was crazy for really getting deep into planning a year out, but I know it’s going to keep me relaxed as the day gets closer. And really, just have fun with it. You only get to do this once, so you might as well be able to look back and see that you enjoyed yourself. — I think the planning ahead part helps with the enjoyment part ;)

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Photo by Rose Robinson. Used under Creative Commons.

Why should brides avail themselves of online resources like The Plunge Project?

I couldn’t even imagine planning my wedding without the Internet. So many blogs and websites have been invaluable to me, and I really think they provide some amazing resources that you can’t always find in print.

Do you have regular categories or features on the blog or is it just as subjects come up?

I actually just started a daily column called Daily Delight. Each day Monday-Friday, I post a little piece of wedding inspiration (and maybe even a bit of home inspiration here and there), including cakes, flowers, ceremony and reception decor, stationary, the list goes on… These posts are short and sweet and generally very photo-oriented, so people tend to enjoy them.

princess lasertron felt bouquets

From Princess Lasertron

I’m also in the process of trying to get my fiancé (a chef) to start a weekly food column, so we’ll see when I can talk him into that ; )

[SK: Our stomachs are rumbling already – get him involved!]

Thanks to Nicole for sharing her insight into The Plunge Project with us. Be sure to visit and follow Nicole on Twitter!

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