Timeless Wedding Photos: Steve Hronek of Shoot 2 Studios

We are delighted to welcome Steve Hronek of Shoot 2 Studios to the SnapKnot family. Steve does most of his work in Columbus, Ohio and New Orleans, Louisiana and specializes in timeless wedding photos; images featuring real colors, real moments, and real emotions.

“I take to heart making a study of various styles, which for me is the basis of creativity. The more you know how to do, the more inventive you can be with things.”

Timeless Wedding Photos by Shoot 2 StudiosWhen asked why Steve chose to become a photographer, he responds rather, that it chose him.

“I followed the route of many other young people – I went to college and got a job that I didn’t care about so I could pay the bills. I started lugging my camera around everywhere just because I enjoyed it. Some part of my inner curiosity was satisfied by taking pictures, there were no aspirations of making a living out of it. Eventually an “interest” in photography became an obsession and I found myself devouring every thrift store book I could find on technical basics, then history, then lighting, and whatever else I could find.”

Eventually, people noticed and started offering Steve money for his time- a portrait shoot here, an event for a magazine there, assisting with a wedding for a friend. Within a few years he had photographed hundreds of events, a ton of food, weddings, and people. Steve realized that with his business experience and a little creativity, he could ditch the corporate world and focus on doing something he genuinely cared about. It has been years since his realization, and Steve has never looked back.

Timeless Wedding Photos by Shoot 2 StudiosSteve credits his high school drawing teacher for much of his inspiration.

“He saw me, a senior in his freshman drawing class, and went out of his way to give me different projects. He had a very basic ‘do the work’ approach to things. To this day, I keep that mantra in mind – do the work, put in the time, practice, and good things will happen.”

He also owes a great deal to his wife, for teaching him how to look at pictures differently. Since she is a graphic designer and art director, she has helped by Steve by sticking by his side and critiquing his images. Through this she has taught him how to be more thoughtful in how he approaches his work.

Timeless Wedding Photos by Shoot 2 StudiosSteve has been fortunate in that he doesn’t have any stories of weddings getting too crazy or erupting into brawls- although he himself has nearly fallen into pools, torn pants, and lost buttons. Somewhere along the line, Steve became “unembarrassable” (his word), which he admits is a useful trait when trying to make a bridal party laugh.

Steve believes that he has to be one of the most curious people in the world, which has caused him to do a lot a of interesting things. He studied Russian, Spanish, and German in college, and at  one point, was simultaneously studying Ju-Jutsu and Capoeira (vastly different martial arts). He has also played the drums, trumpet, and guitar in a band…all at separate times.

Wedding5When Steve is not photographing weddings, he is fortunate enough to shoot a wide range of editorial and commercial work for magazines. In addition, he can be found “plotting some sort of creative self portrait” or adding to his list of ideas for the silly anniversary pictures that have become a tradition for him and his wife.

To see more timeless wedding images, visit Steve at Shoot 2 Studios.

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