Tom Hanks Crashes Couple’s Wedding Photos In Central Park

On Saturday, September 24, a couple was having their wedding photo shoot in Central Park when none other than Tom Hanks ran into them while out on a jog. That is a wedding memory they are sure to remember and we are excited to share it with you today!

Hanks, 60, was jogging through the park when he spotted bride Elisabeth and groom Ryan and decided to walk over to congratulate them. Wouldn’t that just be amazing to have Tom Hanks in a few of your wedding photos?!? Talk about a serious real-life celebrity moment.

tom hanks, Meg Miller Photography
Photo credit: Meg Miller Photography

Meg Miller, who was the couple’s photographer, told The Huffington Post that Hanks approached them, “took off his hat, just leaned right into the group and said, ‘Hi, I’m Tom Hanks.'” He then shook their hands, kissed the bride’s hand and offered his best wishes.

While Miller was photographing the couple, joggers in the park were for the most part staying far away from the shoot. Then at one point, she had to put her camera down to let “this guy” pass when she noticed that he came too close to the couple. Then, they quickly realized who it was!

“He asked if they needed a wedding officiant, because he is an ordained minister,” Miller added.

tom hanks, Meg Miller Photography
Photo credit: Meg Miller Photography

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Hanks took a selfie with the couple, and posted on his own Instagram before he jogged off into Central Park. Talk about a pretty amazing moment… the couple sure looks a bit awestruck but Tom Hanks shows just how wonderful and down to earth he truly is.

Here is a quick video from the entire experience.

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