Travis Lawton Photography – Edgy yet Traditional

Please welcome Travis Lawton Photography to SnapKnot’s list of Seattle, Washington photographers! Travis is an energetic photographer who enjoys capturing traditional moments in a fun, candid way.  Here is a little more insight to Travis and his edgy wedding photos!

My name is Travis Lawton. I’m a photographer. I’m married to my amazing wife Sarah, and we have our first little one on the way later this year. I’m the cat person and Sarah is the dog person.

I’ve been interested in photography for over 10 years now ever since I was place in charge of selling digital cameras at a computer store in 2001. The cameras have advanced by leaps and bounds since then but the fundamentals of photography have been the same for decades.

My style has jumped around quite a bit over the years but I’ve calmed it down some after deciding to devote my energy primarily to wedding photography for the past couple of years. This allows the images to last for the rest of my couple’s lives without worry of them going out of style. That being said, I do still love to throw a little edge into my weddings to make them my own.  This results in a perfect mix of beautiful traditional photos, fun and stylized images, and ending with a dash of candid journalistic style.

When first getting into photography, I honestly never thought I would be a wedding photographer for two main reasons; I thought of this as the holy grail of photography in terms of difficulty (which I still believe is true), and I just didn’t see myself fitting into that genre of photography. What changed my thinking on this was something that really surprised me.

After shooting a couple photos at some of Sarah’s friends’ wedding as a guest, a strange thing happened when I was reviewing them on the computer. I found myself smiling as I was going through the photos. This was completely involuntary and I actually had to ask myself why I was smiling. The answer was simple, I was sharing and experiencing the joy and the excitement of the couple through the photograph I was viewing. Right there I thought to myself, “I want to create these photographs so others can experience this same thing.” And from that point on, all my energy I put into my photography was/is steering me towards becoming the best wedding photographer I can be.

I shoot with Canon digital cameras with a variety of professional grade lenses, flashes, and accessories. I am NOT a “natural light” photographer. Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t shoot natural light when the location offers it but rather that I embrace flashes and the ability to control the lighting no matter the scenario.

When just starting out looking for your wedding photographer, I’d recommend really focusing on the person vs. their portfolio. Don’t get me wrong, liking the pictures that one creates is important but keep in mind that this is the person that you will probably be spending the most time with on the wedding day, sometimes even more than your future spouse. You want to make sure their character and personality mesh well with yours or risk being miserable with them the whole day. That’s pretty much the last emotion that we want to capture on that day.

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To see more edgy wedding photos with a traditional twist check out Travis’s website!

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