Understanding Professional Wedding Photographers’ Costs from Al Ojeda Photography

Are you currently researching wedding photographers? Ever wonder why there is such a wide range of prices, with the higher end of the spectrum representing a significant investment? In this recent post from Al Ojeda Photography, the reasons behind a professional photographer’s rate are made a little less mysterious and easier for potential clients to understand:

“We got an email from a prospective Bride asking why Wedding Photo Services were so “costly”… I guess she was shopping around and found a variety of pricings from Professionals to Amateurs, and she wondered about the differences… So, we came out with this list of Professional Photographers’ costs:

1 – Equipment: Professional DSLR Cameras, good quality and variety of lenses, batteries, memory cards, various flashes, Computers, Photoshop or similar software, external hard drives, CDs or DVDs, CDs or DVDs cases, etc. Remember, equipment needs annual maintenance, just like a car and that has additional costs as well….”

Read the full list here:
Understanding Professional Wedding Photographers Costs

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Al Ojeda is a Premium wedding photographer based in New York and New Jersey.

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