Amazing Underwater Bridal Photography

We found this absolutely amazing underwater bridal photography on Bored Panda that we just had to share. Adam Opris with Adam Opris Photography says in the original post that he always has loved being in the water so he wanted to break away from the traditional wedding photos and bring the bride and groom underwater.

Adam says ” I incorporate the weightless environment underwater with bridal beauty and elegance to transform the brides into mermaids, and bring their wedding dresses to life.”

With the amazing views underwater, from reefs, fish, and more, there is so much beauty to be captured there and capture it all Adam sure does. Check out some of his underwater bridal photography, we know you will think it is amazing just like we do!

To see even more great underwater bridal photography, check out the original article on Bored Panda. To get more details about Adam Opris and his work, you can visit his website at

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