Unique Table Centerpieces For Weddings

The fun part about planning your wedding is being able to express your sense of style to your guests through your decorations. It all begins with a theme and a color palette and then flourishes from there. Whether you’re a creative person or not, this is the time where anything you want is made possible (within budget of course)! But always remember that you don’t have to go the traditional route when deciding how to decorate your wedding. Instead you can think outside the box and use other alternatives to create exactly what you want… just like these unique table centerpieces for weddings that we have found and had to share!

You may not think much about the centerpiece for your reception tables and when most people think of centerpieces, the first thing that pops into their head is flowers. These photos that we found show that you can always do more than flowers, or you could even opt to have no flowers at all for those table centerpieces. Check out this assortment of unique table centerpieces for weddings that we found get inspired for you special day!

Use pinwheels in a pretty glass jar instead of flowers.

unique centerpieces
Photo credit: Ahava Studios

Instead of typical flowers, succulents may be a nice alternative.

unique centerpieces
Photo credit: bodasnovias.com

We just love this “Beauty and the Beast” themed centerpiece!

unique centerpieces
Photo credit: Heather Elizabeth Photography

Or, you can do a fun carnival themed one!

unique centerpieces
Photo credit: Iliana Morton

This centerpiece would be perfect for book lovers.

unique centerpieces
Photo credit: Kelly Dillon Photo

Or you could use music sheets if you are a lover of music or play an instrument.

unique centerpieces
Photo credit: Papered Heart Photography

This bird cage is a unique way to showcase these beautiful flowers, rather than a typical vase.

unique centerpieces
Photo credit: Rodeo & Co. Photography

We love how this centerpiece uses different size vases with just a few flowers in it… very unique.

unique centerpieces
Photo credit: Steven Steinhardt Photography

A bucket of peanuts… fun idea for a more relaxed, outdoor wedding.

unique centerpieces
Photo credit: Bridal Guide

Here is a cute centerpiece made with scrabble tiles.

unique centerpieces
Photo credit: Brides

This hot air balloon centerpiece is fun and one you could even DIY.

unique centerpiece
Photo credit: HomeDit

This terrarium is a unique idea… especially a different take on having plants on the table.

unique centerpieces
Photo credit: Josh Goleman

This simple mirror is beautiful and gets the job done.

unique centerpieces
Photo credit: KT Merry Photography

These tall birch branches would be perfect for a rustic themed wedding.

unique centerpieces
Photo credit: Paige Elizabeth Photography

This fish bowl would be such a fun idea! Perfect for a beach themed wedding.

unique centrepiece
Photo credit: Picture That Photography

We hope you enjoyed all the wonderful wedding photography of these unique table centerpieces for weddings!

If you need more inspiration and ideas, makes sure to check out our Snapknot Pinterest page and browse through all of our boards! Also, here are some really unique wedding cakes if you need a little help with some theme ideas!

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