Fabulous Florals: 12 Unique Wedding Bouquets

We’ve seen some great pink wedding flowers, as well as a handful of our favorite cream and white arrangements. But what about the brides who want something a bit more fun and different for their special day? To honor our brides who want to stand out from the pack, we have collected our 15 favorite unique wedding bouquets. From brooches to feathers, we can assure you that these awesome bouquets will not disappoint!

Unique Wedding Bouquets by Shoot 2 Studios(Above) “This broach bouquet was hand made by the bride’s mother. What made it special was the four small charms with pictures of all of her grandparents that had passed. It was her way of including them in her wedding.”

(Below) “Instead of having the single ladies wrestle over one bouquet, this bride made a bundle of flowers that would break apart when thrown, so every girl would get one. Being that it was a New Orleans wedding, each flower had a little voodoo doll on it with a message written on ribbon.”

– Steve of Shoot 2 Studios

Unique Wedding Bouquets by Shoot 2 Studios Unique Wedding Bouquets by Shoot 2 StudiosUnique Wedding Bouquets by Vanessa Joy PhotographyUnique Wedding Bouquets by Misty Enright Photography(Above) “This image is of a brooch and feather bouquet made for an Old Hollywood glamour themed wedding. The bride and groom arrived in a Rolls, the bridal party dressed in white, and the decor of the reception was feathers! Not a single flower in the bunch.”

(Below left) “The bride and her mom had a lot of fun shopping for the brooches, and the mother of the bride was the one who assembled it. She also made each of the bridesmaid’s bouquets, all of which were personalized with a brooch representing either their personality or the first letter of their name. This bouquet weighed about 10 pounds!!! Because of the weight, each were sitting in a heavy glass vase until they were needed.”

Misty Enright Photography

Unique Wedding Bouquets by Misty Enright Photography Unique Wedding Bouquets by Paired Images Unique Wedding Bouquets by Paired Images Unique Wedding Bouquets by Paired Images(Above right) “Probably the heaviest but most interesting and meaningful bouquet we’ve ever seen.  Stephanie’s mom made her this broach bouquet out of vintage materials and family heirlooms.  She could tell me where each one came from as well as the story behind it.”

– Jessica of Paired Images

Unique Wedding Bouquets by Kate Connolly PhotographyUnique Wedding Bouquets by Kate Connolly PhotographyUnique Wedding Bouquets by Evelyn Ford Photography“Beth’s bouquet was made by her mother and was a surprise for Beth until just before the ceremony. The bouquet was made up of brooches that Beth’s mom had asked women in Beth’s life to send, many coming from the far reaches of the globe. Even though some couldn’t travel to be with her on her special day, they were represented in her bouquet.”

Evelyn Ford Photography

Unique Wedding Bouquets by Karen Ard Photography“Melinda and Brian’s fall wedding at La Venta Inn, in Palos Verdes, California was beautiful and wonderfully different. Instead of spending money on floral centerpieces that would just go to waste, each table had a board game and the reception was a casino night, encouraging their guests to interact with each other as they mingled. Carrying over to the fall theme was this terrific bouquet Melinda asked Be Buds Florist to create for her. Attached was a photo of her grandparents, and no, she did not throw it at the end of the night!”

Karen Ard Photography

From top to bottom, left to right: Shoot 2 Studios, Vanessa Joy Photography, Misty Enright Photography, Paired Images, Kate Connolly Photography, Evelyn Ford Photography, Karen Ard Photography.

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