Traditional Yet Unique Wedding Images: L.A. Fotographee

A warm, SnapKnot welcome to LeMaris Alston (otherwise known as “L.A.”) of L.A. Fotographee. This Mobile, Alabama wedding photographer specializes in traditional yet unique wedding images. To L.A., photography is more than just taking a precisely correct picture, but creating a masterpiece. He wants every photo he takes to be more than just an “ooh, ahh” moment and to really capture every special memory.

“It is my commitment to capture those moments and I feel that if I don’t then I have taken away a memory of a lifetime. I take the traditional wedding pictures, but I can also add a vintage class to any photo. I find myself sometimes thinking outside of the box. So if you like creativity, then I am the photographer for you.”

Unique Wedding Images by L.A. FotographeeL.A. sees photography as his creative outlet, and the only medium that allows him to put his ideas into a physical/visual form for sharing. For as long as he can remember, L.A. has had a passion for capturing amazing moments.

“For me, photography is a discovery and it is the archaeology of emotion. My photography is how I perceive and present my world to you.”

Unique Wedding Images by L.A. Fotographee Unique Wedding Images by L.A. Fotographee Unique Wedding Images by L.A. FotographeePhotography changes the way that L.A. sees things, and he considers it to be an incredible transformation experience.

“I take my photography as a gift that I must use as my creative outlet. Anyone can take the camera and press a button; however, that’ just where you start. Learning to become a great photographer is a serious challenge. You will always learn something new, have new directions to explore, and new challenges to face. And that’s a good thing! This is a pursuit that I will never be bored with. My unique perspective can go further than just showing people how I see a scene.”

Hailing from a town with a number of talented photographers, L.A. realized at an early stage that in order to be considered a good photographer, he would have to have a creative mind. He is professionally influenced by all photographers, as everyone has their own style and creativity, which he admires.

Unique Wedding Images by L.A. FotographeeUnique Wedding Images by L.A. FotographeeA few fun facts about our Alabama photographer? L.A. considers himself the type of guy who doesn’t ever meet a stranger. Whether he is meeting you for the first time or has known you for years, he carries himself in a very approachable manner.

L.A. also loves “new love”, which is why he truly enjoys shooting weddings and engagements.

“It is something about capturing a couple’s essence, body language, and love for one another. It gives me a sense of happiness.”

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