Unique Wedding Proposal: How Pandora Helped Him Get His Girl

You may be thinking that nowadays it’s hard to get creative, just about every type of wedding proposal has been done somewhere in the world. But think again. By utilizing modern technology, there are numerous ways to create your own unique wedding proposal. A man named Kyle Taylor proves just that. He used highly targeted advertising on Pandora Radio to ask his girlfriend of six years to be his wife.

Taylor was driving in his girlfriend’s car on their way to dinner, peacefully listening to Pandora. He then pulled off onto a service road, and the Pandora proposal started to play. You can take a quick listen to it here. Now while this proposal was broadcasted through Pandora, Taylor made sure it was still relatively private. He created the ad to be targeted to a highly specific demographic, and then made his profile match that demographic. So while it is possible someone else may have heard the proposal, it is unlikely, and regardless it is still a romantic and magical moment between Taylor and his finance (thats right, she said yes).

The Newly Engaged Couple

Unique wedding proposals may be harder to imagine but they are still out there. Kyle Taylor got creative with Pandora, and it paid off. Comment and let us know what you think, or share with us your unique and special proposals, we’d love to hear them!

To see more about the Taylor proposal, read his blog post recounting the entire evening.

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