Urban Wedding Photography: Cedric Wooten Photography

Please welcome Cedric Wooten Photography, the newest addition to the New York, New York area! Cedric creates urban wedding photography for his clients on their special day! Get to know Cedric a little better:

Tell Us About Yourself: Honestly, I just saw someone doing it and it looked like fun.  I’d attended a wedding back in the late 80’s and the wedding photographer really captured my attention.  I enjoyed watching him walk around, interact with the crowd and take what I was sure would be some incredible pictures.  I thought to myself, “I think that’s something I would enjoy doing”.  Not long after that I went out and purchased my own camera and began shooting anything in my path.  I had the photography bug!  My love for the art of photography has never waned.  I am simply much more aware of the nuances now.  Shooting a wedding is so much more than “point and shoot”.

I have been a photographer for 15 years, as well as a graphic designer for about the same.  The bonus to having someone who is skilled in both photography and graphic design is that images can be photo-retouched (if needed) with a level of skill that someone who is simply a photographer may not possess.

I’ve been told that my style is urban, crisp, clean, fresh and inviting.  Yes that sound like bathroom spray (all but the urban part) but I’d have to admit that those are pretty good descriptions.  I think I’d add grunge to those adjectives.  For me, boring images of people in posed shots are the equivalent of someone scraping their really slow nails on a chalkboard.  Why not have something more unique that can be made into a beautiful piece of artwork for your home?  I’m all about using locales that really add a level of depth and dimension to an image.  I love to take my brides and grooms off of the beaten track in order to create images that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Influences: My influences are real people, not celebrity photographers.  They are photographers people that I simply think are phenomenal.  That’s not to say I don’t acknowledge those photography trailblazers like Sal Cincotta who offer countless tips on how I can improve upon my expertise via the online photography sessions that he’s taught.  Photographers are not unlike doctors and lawyers who have to consistently take courses in order to stay relevant.  I look at approximately 14 tutorials per week to gain a better understanding of lighting, posing, and other techniques  that contribute to helping my us exceed our client’s expectations each and every time.

Good wedding story? Well my wife and I attended a couples only dinner in order to meet other couples.  We met another husband and wife and struck up a friendship.  They said that they were getting married the following year and were looking for a photographer.  We became friends and even hired the husband to work as a second shooter on several of our events.  When they got engaged guess who they hired?  Cedric Wooten Photography!  We took them on location on Long Island to two of our exquisite Long Island locations for their engagement shoot. For their wedding shoot we found a beautiful location nestled near a secluded body of water.  When they were about to become parents, they came into our studio and we captured fun images that they absolutely loved!  This is how we like to work.  We stay in contact with our brides and are there to capture to exciting moments of their lives.

Equipment: I’m a Canon kind of guy!

Call us! We are a husband and wife team that works hard to catch the little details of your day that you will want to remember for a lifetime. As the bride, your day will pass before your eyes like a whirlwind, so it’s very important that you have a photographer that knows how to capture the “little mini events” of your day in pictures. The flower girl’s nervous giggles, a parent’s tears, the bridesmaids breakfast, you daydreaming as your bridal makeup is being applied…. these are all images that we capture on the morning of your wedding. Yes, we’re right there with you from the moment you wake up, capturing images of you and your bridal party as you prepare for your big day, When you hire Cedric Wooten Photography, you’ll experience the love, caring and compassion unsurpassed by any other photography company. With other companies, it’s just business. With Cedric Wooten Photography, we become a part of your family for the day…..talking with your family and friends, snapping you and your guests as you celebrate your big day….you are going to get pictures that will bring tears to your eyes. (Yes, all of this while an optional second camera is with you taking pictures of you and your new groom).

Fun Facts: Let’s see.  When I’m not working I allow my body to be a jungle gym for my three girls (ages 7 years, 2 years and 4 months old).  My wife and I met on Match.com and married approximately one year to the day after we laid eyes on each other.  (At night, I am her jungle gym).  We each had children prior to the marriage but then decided instead to open our home and our hearts to our two youngest girls, who we currently have in our care as foster children.  My wife and I are foodies!  We literally drive on a whim all the way to Philadelphia for a cheesesteak or to Maryland for some really fresh seafood.

Please feel free to take a look at this wedding slideshow:


Please feel free to take a look at this wedding slideshow:


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If you would like to see more urban wedding photography from Cedric Wooten Photography be sure and check out their website!

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