Washington DC Wedding Photographers: First Sight Imagery

A warm welcome to Andrew Markowitz and Patrick Onofre, the gentlemen behind First Sight Imagery. These Washington DC wedding photographers, consider their photos to have a vintage feel with a genuine touch. They enjoy photographing the natural emotions and moments that occur during a wedding or engagement, because “when you have the opportunity to photograph the genuine love a couple and their families have for each other, the photos make themselves!”

“While the ‘photojournalism’ moniker tends to get overused these days, we have a very documentarian workflow, capturing the pure, candid instances that are way more memorable and creates wonderful, dynamic images better than posed pictures.”

Washington DC Wedding Photographers, First Sight ImageryThe story of how First Sight Imagery came to be is an interesting one. Andrew and Patrick discovered each other through Twitter and met up at Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington to talk about photography. Soon, their meetings became more and more frequent, and within a few months, they were shooting weddings together. During a break at one of the receptions, the duo realized how much they enjoyed working together, and from there, created their business.

Andrew has been interested in photography since his high school dark room days, while Patrick took a less direct path. After 10 years working in the restaurant world, he grew tired of the industry, and stumbled into photography. One thing led to another and he ended up quitting his restaurant job to begin shooting professionally. Since then, Patrick has been fortunate to do what he loves. When he is not capturing wedding moments, Patrick is shooting food, concert, and lifestyle photography, and using his skills to help the rehabilitating wounded and injured Marines for the United States Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment.

Outside of his work with First Sight Imagery, Andrew enjoys shooting fashion and concert photography, and boasts having his images published in a variety of magazines, including Rolling Stone, Vogue Italia, and the Washington Post.

“Both of us can’t imagine doing anything else- the ability express ourselves is liberating! And with the wedding photography business, we’ve been so happy to not only get to take amazing photos of amazing people, but we essentially get to make new friends with each session!”

Washington DC Wedding Photographers, First Sight ImageryWashington DC Wedding Photographers, First Sight ImageryWashington DC Wedding Photographers, First Sight ImageryBoth Andrew and Patrick influence and inspire each other every day. They are constantly pushing each other to put forth their best effort and never get complacent with their work. “That’s what friends do, right?” says Patrick. “We want to make sure we’re always giving our couples 110%!”

This pair of Washington DC wedding photographers have their share of fun wedding stories, but their craziest one occurred while shooting a wedding during the “Deracha”, a fast-moving, long-lasting storm that suddenly slammed the DC area in 2012. They had their gear all packed up the night before, and woke to see that the storm had swept the region. “Driving to the church,” Patrick said, “was like navigating a post-apocalyptic scene in a movie.” The tiny church, like most of the region, had lost power, so the hundred or so guests were seated in an “oven of a sanctuary” for the ceremony.

“The couple, however, wanted to go through with it, saying, ‘if this is the worst thing that happens to our wedding and our marriage, then we’ll take it!’ They were some troopers! Fortunately, the reception hall managed to get power just before we arrived, so we and the guests got to enjoy some much-appreciated air conditioning!”

Washington DC Wedding Photographers, First Sight ImageryWashington DC Wedding Photographers, First Sight ImageryPatrick and Andrew recommend that couples just starting their search for wedding photographers look for photos that speak to them. They believe that if you go through a photographer’s portfolio and don’t say “WOW”, then they aren’t the photographer for you.

“The way we see it, we have the opportunity to create the very first images of the beginning of a new family- that opportunity is too important to ruin with mediocre pictures!”

They would also like to encourage couples to talk face-to-face with the photographers they’re interested in. Andrew and Patrick request to meet their couples every time because they believe that it comes down to more than just having your pictures taken. “We’re about creating genuine connections with our couples and enhancing your wedding day,” says Patrick. “And that can only be done when you get to know more about each other through communication.”

Washington DC Wedding Photographers, First Sight ImageryWashington DC Wedding Photographers, First Sight ImageryTo see more images from these Washington DC wedding photographers, visit Andrew and Patrick at First Sight Imagery.

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