6 Fun and Exciting Ways To Announce Your Engagement

You are engaged and want to scream it to the world for all to hear! We totally get it… it is such an exciting time for you both. But, instead of posting selfies of you and your fiancé with your amazing engagement ring, why not use really fun ways to announce your engagement instead? There are some great ideas that you can use to make the big announcement and whether you want to tell everyone in person or by a fun announcement card… here are six great ideas that we think you will love!

A Sweet Photo Announcement

Of course, we love great wedding photography and getting an awesome photo taken of the two of you is always a great way to announce your wonderful news. If you include a great sign or some other type of prop that helps you announce is a great idea! Here are a few great ideas

fun ways to announce your engagement
Photo Credit: Invitations By Dawn
fun ways to announce your engagement, Gavin Wade Photography
Photo Credit: Gavin Wade Photography

Send Out Unique Announcement Cards

If you have family and friends all throughout the country (or world) that you would like to announce your wonderful engagement to, consider a really fun announcement card. Here are some great ones to give you some inspiration!

You could do a fun card that is a movie parody. We just love this one that is like Mr. & Mrs. Smith

fun ways to announce your engagement
Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Or, if you know that you are going to be having a beach wedding, why not include a fun card in a message in a bottle?

fun ways to announce your engagement
Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

There is even this really unique idea of a simple card and when you open it, the knot ties tight! So clever!

fun ways to announce your engagement
Photo Credit: themetapicture.com

Send A Holiday Decoration

Another unique and fun way for your to announce your engagement is to send a holiday decoration with your news. If you get engaged near the holidays, why not send everyone an ornament with the announcement? If your engagement was near Valentines Day, a unique Valentine card that wishes them a happy Valentine’s Day and tells them all about your upcoming wedding!

fun ways to announce your engagement
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Wedding Photographers on SnapKnot

Here are a few other ideas we think are great to do as well!

Plan a Party… and Make the Engagement Part a Surprise 

Do you love throwing parties and you know that all your friends and family would come? Plan a party and keep the engagement part a surprise until you can announce it in front of everyone during the shindig.

Create A Wedding Website

A wedding website is a great way to announce the fact that you are engaged! It is also a great place for you to keep your wedding guests up to date with details of your upcoming wedding day and share a few engagement or special photos of you as a couple.

There are many sites out there that offer free wedding websites including The Knot, Wedding Wire and My Wedding, just to name a few.  Each of these sites are easy to use and then you can send the link to all your family and friends.

Announce Through Social Media

After you read about all these really fun ways to announce your engagement and you still want to announce it on social media, that is totally fine. Besides, that is a great way to reach everyone you know (and even some people that you really do not know very well at all)! You could even include a link to your wedding website on social so everyone can read all about your engagement story.

And remember, it is not necessary for you to announce your engagement in any of these ways if you do not want to. You may simply just want to tell people face-to-face and then let the wonderful news spread on its own… and that is TOTALLY fine. Remember, your wedding and engagement is all about what you and your new fiancé wants, so enjoy every second!

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