A Week of Photography Favorites: Precious Wedding Moments

In the hustle and bustle of a wedding, it can be easy for the little things to slide by unnoticed. No one can miss a beautiful bride or fabulous signage. But what about all of the precious wedding moments happening within the event? What about those brief flashes of genuine emotion that are, after all, one of the most elemental parts of the day? A father’s expression as he dances with his daughter, an aunt crying tears of happiness at the ceremony, a groom’s face as he sees his bride for the first time in her wedding dress. Guests may catch fleeting glimpses of all of these things, but the bride and groom? As the center of attention, they might not get to witness the most touching moments.

It is in these blink-of-an-eye instances where wedding photographers’ talents truly shine. Ours blew us away with their assortment of captured sentiments, ranging from sweet to tearful and everything in between. Grab a box of tissues or hold your Honey’s hand, and check out our favorites:

Precious Wedding Moments by Courtney Bowlden PhotographyPrecious Wedding Moments by Courtney Bowlden Photoraphy Precious Wedding Moments by Courtney Bowlden PhotographyPrecious Wedding Moments by Tim and Madie Photography

Above: “Emily’s father watching on as his one and only daughter gets married.”

Below: “During Mike and Rachel’s ceremony, the officiant had Mike and Rachel join hands. He told them that those hands would grow old together. That prompted the scene in the picture… Mike’s parents grabbed each other’s hands and had a good look at the years together they had had so far.”

Tim & Madie Photography

Precious Wedding Moments by Tim and Madie PhotographyPrecious Wedding Moments by Tim & Madie Photography

“Lisa’s father couldn’t hold back his tears anymore. The day Lisa was born he wrote down five questions that he knew someday he would have the answers to, when she got married. He revealed this, as well as the five answers to her during his speech. One of the questions was if he would approve of her husband which he said he very much did. That’s a nice start for Drew!”

– Tim & Madie Photography

Precious Wedding Moments by Vanessa Joy PhotographyPrecious Wedding Moments by Jess Robertson Photography

“I always encourage my couples to do a first look on their wedding day. It was one of my favorite moments on my wedding day, and I can’t think of a better way to have some special, intimate time together before being around hundreds of people and wondering where the day went. I think Adam’s reaction to seeing Nataley was the most priceless and precious reaction I’ve ever seen a groom have during a first look. I just love the emotion in this image!”

– Jess of Jess Robertson Photography

Precious Wedding Moments from Marcia Campbell PhotographyPrecious Wedding Moments by Marcia Campbell PhotographyPrecious Wedding Moments by Kristen Jane Photography

Above: “I love this moment between Christine and John who were married in Maine this past September. It’s right after “I now pronounce you man and wife…” but before the first kiss. They look so incredibly happy!”

Below: “Faith-Anne and Mike met through their moms, who are best friends and were married this November at the Hampshire House (aka “Cheers”) in downtown Boston. The couple decided to opt for a “first look” and met each other in the Boston Public Garden before the ceremony. Here are a couple of shots of their first sweet look at one another.”

– Kristen Jane Photography

Precious Wedding Moments by Kristen Jane PhotographyPrecious Wedding Moments from Annie Laurie Photographic

“Amy’s mom had just come into the room and was filled with emotion looking at her beautiful daughter. While Amy was posing for a friend, her mom was still in the moment.”

– Annie Laurie Photographic

Precious Moments by Michelle & Damien, Photography and Film

“After the wedding during portraits of the bridal party, we caught the flower girl sneaking a peek at the gorgeous bride.”

– Michelle & Damien, Photography and Film

Precious Wedding Moments by Jerome Pollos PhotographyPrecious Wedding Moments by Kristina Lynn Photography & Design

Above: “A touching moment with the grandfather of the groom, wiping away a tear during the vow exchange.” 

Below: “I wanted to include these three images of Mallory & Jacob’s first look. You can see the anticipation on Mallory’s face (it took everything in her, not to just run around the carriage house into Jacob’s arms!). I just love Jacob’s expression as he saw Mallory for the first time and then the tender moment when they were finally in each other’s arms and Jacob dries her eyes.”

– Kristina Lynn Photography & Design

Precious Moments by Kristina Lynn Photography Precious Wedding Moments by Krstina Lynn PhotographyPrecious Wedding Moments by Kristina Lynn PhotographyFrom top to bottom: Courtney Bowlden PhotographyTim and Madie PhotographyVanessa Joy PhotographyJess Robertson PhotographyMarcia Campbell PhotographyKristen Jane PhotographyAnnie Laurie PhotographicMichelle & Damien, Photography and FilmJerome Pollos PhotographyKristina Lynn Photography & Design,

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