Wedding Party Picture Ideas

Capturing great wedding party portraits is essential for a properly-documented wedding. After all, these bridesmaids and groomsmen were hand-selected by the bride and groom, and are therefore a very important element in their special occasion. It is for this reason that we created a helpful list of our top ten tips for your best wedding party photos. It is also why we decided to take it a step beyond and share some fabulous photo inspiration to accompany our tips. Of course, Pinterest and Instagram are full of awesome images, but we wanted to give you some of our own wedding party picture ideas.

We have a nice variety here of fun bridesmaids and groomsmen shots, and a handful that include the whole bunch! Some are traditional, some playful. Some tell a story, and some are more formal. Whichever the case, all of the images are of fun, amazing couples documented by our talented wedding photographers that should help get the wheels turning for planning your own wedding party shoot. Enjoy!

Outside the wedding ceremony hall, a candid shot of the bride and her lovely ladies.
a snapshot of bridesmaids in black and gray cocktail wedding gowns doing an outside session among the trees, with the lovely bride in the center.
the couple running away from their bridesmaids and groomsmen.
The bride is facing the camera with her eyes closed, clutching her bouquet, while her two bridesmaids are also holding flowers.
Bridesmaids queue up behind the bride, who is wearing a stunning bridal gown and a mesh headpiece.
This hilarious photograph shows the best man cradling the groom while sucking his thumb like a baby.
the bride laughs at the guys on their knees, as if pleading to the woman
Half-body shot of the groom and bride in their wedding gowns and suits.
As they wait for the bride to throw her bridal bouquet, the lovely bridesmaids show their excitement.
the bridesmaids feeling happy for the bride
These ladies are posing side by side closer to each other for a photograph.
The groom leans in for a closer look at the camera, as the two gentlemen behind him strike a pose as well.
These attractive girls are making fun of themselves in front of the camera with their goofy posture.
The bridesmaids in green cocktail wedding gowns and groomsmen in gray suits are looking towards the camera, while the groom and bride are holding hands and staring at each other.
Group portrait of bride in white bridal dress and bridesmaids in pink dresses. Stylish and luxury wedding.
Wedding photo about helping of the groomsmen to the groom at wedding day, they put on a bow tie
Groom wears on his bowtie in the room at morning wedding with best men.
In an outdoor photoshoot, these lovely ladies have fun playing with their bouquets.
The bride, groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids are seated in an open environment with lush foliage in the background.
The beautiful bride and her stunning bridesmaids are dressed in bright colors that match each other's style.
Portrait of a cheerful bride and groom standing together with the bride's maids arm in arm outside

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