An Ode to our Favorite Furry Friends: Wedding Pets

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. And what good friend misses their buddy’s wedding day? Certainly not a loyal, lovable pooch! It’s only natural that our furry counterparts- canine, feline, or otherwise- have started stepping up to the plate on the most important day of lives, even donning a tutu or a tux to prove their love. We want to take this moment to honor our favorite four-legged friends, and give wedding pets the recognition they deserve! So what if your favorite groomsman sheds a little, nobody can rock a tie like that guy!

Here is some great wedding photography with our favorite furry friends included! Enjoy!

Wedding Pets by Courtney Bowlden Photography Wedding Pets by Courtney Bowlden PhotographySTUDIO EMP_pets_8521Wedding Pets by Studio EMPWedding Pets by Studio EMP Wedding Pets by Studio EMPWedding Pets by Studio EMP

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Wedding Pets by Studio EMP Wedding Pets by Studio EMPWedding Pets by Studio EMPWedding Pets from Kristin Griffin Photography Wedding Pets from Kristin Griffin PhotographyWedding Pets by Erika Brown Photography“Meet Oliver, Ollie for short. He is the dog and companion of the bride and groom, and for this day, he was also the entire wedding party. The bride contacted me with very short notice to see if I would be available to cover their wedding. She had joined the Air Force and was notified that she was probably going to be called to duty two months early. This caused her to have to move her wedding up as well as move it across the country. They took it in stride and had a lovely fall wedding in the woods with Ollie as the ring bearer. Anyway, back to Ollie. He did a great job as the ring bearer for the ceremony and posed for me a bit as well.”

-Erika of Erika Brown Photography

Wedding Pets by Vanessa Joy Photography Wedding Pets by Courtney Bowlden PhotographyWedding Pets by Photography by Kimberly Rae“The bride, Jessica, got Tasha as a puppy when she herself was just a little girl. The pair grew up together, and Tasha has remained a best friend and loyal companion. Tasha is getting up there in years now, so it was important to Jessica to have Tasha participate in all aspects of the wedding. Tasha was well behaved and posed candidly during the engagement session. She was also a lovely flower girl, quite stunning in her tutu, bearing the bride’s announcement as she preceded Jessica down the aisle.”

-Kimberly of Photography by Kimberly Rae

Wedding Pets by Medcalf Photography Wedding Pets by Medcalf PhotographyWedding Pets by Medcalf PhotographyWedding Pets from Manuel Llaneras Photography Wedding Pets from Manuel Llaneras Photography“This bride’s dog paid her a visit before the wedding. She got married in church so that was as far as she could go with the dog. It made for some cute pics.”

Manuel Llaneras PhotographyWedding Pets by Waller Weddings“Katie told us that one important shot she wanted to get was with her pets. This can sometimes be a daunting task, but when Katie got on the couch at her house, it was an instant action that we got this shot of her and her dog. Definitely one of our favorite pet photos from this year!”

-Dustin of Waller Weddings

Wedding Pets from DCharles PhotographyWedding Pets from DCharles Photography Wedding Pets from DCharles Photography(Above) “After the ceremony the wedding party went on a photo safari at Minnehaha Depot. Olivia met us there for pictures. Olivia runs a tight schedule, so we captured what we could with the time we had. The bride and groom then walked Olivia back to her chauffeur. Olivia went home to nap, while the wedding party went on to the reception.”

(Below) “Trigger and his humans live in New Mexico. The wedding took place in Wisconsin. So the three of them packed up and drove all the way from New Mexico to West Central Wisconsin for the wedding. The wedding itself took place at a barn, allowing Trigger his freedom to roam the property all day long. Trigger was very relaxed most of the day, hanging with the kids. We were able to tear him away from his new buddies to sit for a couple photo opportunities.”

-Don of DCharles Photography

Wedding Pets from DCharles PhotographyWedding Pets by Brian Maloney Photography“This photo made me laugh. When I arrived to shoot the groomsmen, the dog was running around the house. Once they were dressed they pulled out his tux. After getting dressed, he hopped up on the bed and posed for me. He did this on his own!”

Brian Maloney Photography

Wedding Pets by Jenelle Kappe Photography Wedding Pets by Jenelle Kappe Photography Wedding Pets by Saneesh Sukumaran Wedding Pets by Annie Laurie Photographic(Above Right) “Amy and Taj included their french bulldogs, Theodora and Hank, in their wedding. I love how Hank and Taj are looking into the camera and Amy and Theodora are looking off camera…perfect symmetry!”

Annie Laurie Photographic

From top to bottom, left to right: Courtney Bowlden Photography, Studio EMP, Kristin Griffin Photography, Erika Brown Photography, Vanessa Joy Photography, Photography by Kimberly Rae, Medcalf Photography, Manuel Llaneras Photography, Waller Weddings, DCharles Photography, Brian Maloney Photography, Jenelle Kappe Photography, Saneesh Sukumaran, Annie Laurie Photographic

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