Wedding Photo Disaster

No matter what you plan out for your wedding, you never know what will happen. Much like the rest of life, things can happen during a wedding, and your wedding photos, that can be totally unpredictable. That is why this wedding photo disaster that we found on BuzzFeed could potentially happen to anyone who wants to have their wedding on the beach, or even just take a few harmless photos next to the ocean.

Since you never know what could happen, it is best to keep an open mind. (Remember these wedding photos with a tornado in the background!!!!)

This couple had a lovely wedding in San Diego. Their photographer, Belinda Mayberry, suggested to take a few photos in the sand. Harmless right?  Any other photographer would suggest the same if their client was getting married by the beach.

wedding photo disaster

Belinda captured some amazing photos. The beach is always the perfect backdrop for a beautiful wedding photo. We just love the one below that was taken around dusk.

wedding photo disaster

The bride then saw a place over by the water that she just loved, so they all headed over to get a few quick photos taken…. and then the waves came!

wedding photo disaster

In the end these photos will MOST DEFINITELY have a great story to go along with them when they show their children, or grandchildren, one day!

Be sure to keep an open mind on your wedding day…. a wedding photo disaster could happen, but it is best just to laugh it off and make the best out of the (soaking wet) situation! And who knows… it could make for some really amazing photos in the end! If you do not believe us, check out these wedding photos with a wildfire burning in the background.

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