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Jeanette LeBlanc Photography

Phoenix, Arizona



When I am behind the camera, I see the world in a different way. Colors are brighter, shadows are deeper. Light takes on a different quality, and the world looks just a little more magical. When I am taking pictures time moves slowly, and sometimes stands still. In the process of clicking the shutter I watch life become art, and art come to life.

I capture real moments, real emotion, real life. I love moments of high energy, and I love moments of peaceful stillness. I love juice stained faces, dirty feet and jeans ripped at the knee. I love high fashion, the perfect pair of smokin’ hot heels, and the way you rock that outfit with irrepressible diva style. I love messy braids and mischievous grins. I love moments of tender emotion. The way he looks at you when he thinks you’re not looking. The way your father takes a deep breath and blinks back tears before walking you down the aisle. The way she makes you melt when she smiles. The silly, goofy, inside jokes you share that make your relationship so wonderful and that will make your wedding amazing. I’m head over heels in love with love.

Each and every time I click the shutter, my aim is to capture the essence of the people in front of me and to freeze that moment in time. When you look at my pictures, I want you to feel as if you know the person looking back at you. I also want my photos to tell you just enough of their story that you want to know more…

Years of Experience: 3




Price Range

$3600 starting

$5000 average

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