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Nuzum Photo

Des Moines, Iowa



Have you ever seen what happens when you put a passion fruit and a gallon of chocolate milk in a running blender without a lid? We haven't either, but we're guessing it gets messy. Be right back, we have to do something... Yep, messy. But then we added blueberry jam and it was a REAL mess. Then we added grape juice. Wow, was that colorful.

If that doesn't explain us, I don't know what does. We get an idea. We evolve an idea. We display our idea. When we go out and photograph people, places, or things, we take our original idea, change it, change it again and see what happens. Ashley and I have a unique gift to work together in creating photos. We have just a few simple goals. Don't be a pain in the butt to those we photograph and have a good time. If we have fun your photos will be just fine.

We like to tell people all the time that the experience is more important than the photo. A great photo of a bad experience will bring up bad emotions. A mediocre photo of a great experience will still elicit a good reaction. We don't compromise our photos or say we take bad ones, they speak for themselves, but we want you to have a great time on any shoot we do. It's hard to put our personalities into words. We are unique. As unique as you are.

Years of Experience: 6



Price Range

$2000 starting

$2500 average

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