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Tim Barron Photography

Roseburg, Oregon



Guiding Principles

I have four guiding principles for my photography
Customer Service
Price Point Leader
Stay true to my values
Customer Service.

This principle for me dates all the way back to kindergarten, treat others as you want to be treated. These specifics that I am about to mention may fall in my other principles but I feel they are very important to mention here. I have taken much thought in developing some specifics about what I would like to see if I were searching for a photographer. Here are a few specifics that are my mission to provide to you as my valued friend.
I will never hide my pricing structure
I will never be pushy in our sales consultation
I will always honor my customers wishes.
I will attempt to provide over the top customer care
Most importantly....... Smile!!!!

Important to me is giving back to the community that I live in and the community of to which I spent 20 years of my life. The military brought me to the edge and back and I cherish the time I spent with the people who made it possible for me to retire after 20 years. So, if you see me out shooting action photos of local youth sports those are most likely images that I will be donating to the school or program.

Price Point Leader

Photography is more than taking the photos. Photos are meant to be seen. Those images need to be displayed. Over the years, I have chenged my view on this topic often. Whereas it is great to offer the DVD to all my clients. I am torn because, the artist in me loves when my images are displayed, on canvas, metal, or in a beautiful frame on your wall. This tells me that my images made a difference in your life. My goal is to establish a price point that allows the community to afford the images printed on professional products. It is also my goal to establish a price point that will allow digital files to be offered. Here are a list of my goals as a price point leader
Affordable professional products, such as album, canvas, and large prints.
Establish a price point for digital files
Value repeat clients by keeping the prices low enough thus providing people an opportunity to return more frequently

Stay true to my values

I will always remain true to the Navy's core values... Honor, Courage, Comittment. In addition to those values, as a Christian I have certain core values that I will not waiver on.

Years of Experience: 5

Member of: Professional Photographers of America (PPA)




Price Range

$750 starting

$1259 average

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