Wedding Photography: Glitz or Grind?

Like most jobs people love, probably a bit of both. The ISPWP had a great post about “The Secret Life of Wedding Photographers” back in December, but I just recently came across it via Bride Tide. They started the article with the question: “What do wedding photographers really do?” Most of us see wedding photographers taking photos at weddings and might be under the impression that all wedding photographers spend their lives like the following:

wedding photographers: perception

(I can see the eye-rolling from all the photogs out there.)

ISPWP asked about 50 wedding photographers for their input on how they actually spend their time. Here are the results:

wedding photographers: reality

I think this is illuminating for people outside the industry, and helps explain to prospective clients what they are paying for when they hire a professional wedding photographer. “Snapping pictures” is just one small part of what these folks do.

Check out the full ISPWP post, there are some great quotes by photographers in there.

Photographers: Are the above percentages similar to how your work load is divided? Are there other tasks that are not represented on this graph?

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