5 Ideas for Unique Wedding Poses That You’ll Love

Sometimes being photographed can be a little bit unnerving. Having the right photographer can help, but so can some tips and tricks from the experts. Dustin Meyer, known among Austin wedding photographers for his ability to help his brides relax and look their very best, is here to give his advice on wedding poses. Why should we follow his instruction? His photography style for such has earned him acclaim from numerous wedding publications as well as USA Today. And his images and wedding poses are pretty fabulous, too.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy these helpful tips on how to get the look you want from wedding portrait sessions:

How to Pose for Bridal Portraits by Dustin Meyer Photography

“Right now, you’re probably thinking, ‘There is absolutely no way I’ll be able to look that stunning in my bridal portrait…’. I actually hear this quite a bit from my brides as we begin the planning process for their bridal portraits session. But I’m telling you the same thing I tell every bride that walks through my studio doorway, ‘Every bridal portrait of mine that you see has the same thing in common. They are all normal brides just like you.’

That’s the truth of it. None of the pictures I have on my site are models. Nor have they any experience in professional modeling. Everyone of them is a real bride I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

How to Pose for Bridal Portraits by Dustin Meyer Photography

Dustin has compiled several easy tricks to posing that every bride can remember to help look her best. Through more than 10 years of working with brides, we trust his instincts on wedding poses. Here’s what he’s got for us:

1. You don’t always have to smile.

I know this may sound strange, but it’s true. When a bride smiles, her eyes get squinty and her cheeks get wider from her smile. Even though everyone loves a smile, I ask my brides to relax their facial muscles on ce in a while.

This helps the face to appear more slender, and allows their eyes to really show in the photos. Plus, it gives your face muscles a chance to relax. Otherwise, your cheeks will be frozen stiff in a smile that appears to be less genuine by the end of the photo shoot.

2. Women have curves, so don’t hide them in your poses.

All women can agree that the female body has curves. And every body is different. The one thing I find that can really improve the shape of the body in a bridal portrait is to twist your body.

Pose in front of a mirror and point your pelvis towards the right while your shoulders twist to your left. This helps show your waistline while making your knees appear more narrow. Ever wonder where the term “Hourglass Figure” comes from? It’s from this pose.

How to Pose for Bridal Portraits by Dustin Meyer Photography

3. Keep your arms away from your waistline.

No bride wants to add inches to their figure that don’t really exist. I find the best way to prevent this is by keeping your arms away from your waist. Telling my brides to “Create a window” reminds them to make some space between the inside of their arms and their waist to help keep their arms from touching their sides.

Again, by practicing this in front of the mirror, you can see immediately the difference between showing your true waist and accidentally adding unreal inches.

4. Keep your chin up.

The biggest no-no I watch out for with wedding poses is tucking the chin. This can absolutely ruin a great photo. Sometimes, brides may be nervous or shy and instinctively lower their chin to their chest while being photographed.

This creates a double chin that nobody wants to have in their bridal portraits. Remember to keep your chin away from your neck in a relaxed manner. This always helps reduce any unnecessary baggage.

5. Have fun with your wedding poses!

Sometimes being photographed can get a little unnerving. But don’t let that keep you from enjoying your wedding portraits session and having a great time!

Bring your Maid of Honor or your mom. This helps keep it fun and relaxed, letting you enjoy the moment and allowing your photographer to get really great shots of you having a good time!

How to Pose for Bridal Portraits by Dustin Meyer Photography

If you’re nervous about how to pose for wedding portraits, these five simple tips from Dustin Meyer should help you relax through a better understanding of what does and doesn’t work.

Every bride wants to look her best with her wedding poses, sometimes all it takes is a little guidance!

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