Wedding Signs For Dogs: 14 Perfect Picks for Pet Lovers

Who doesn’t love a furry, happy dog? Dogs are such wonderful pets who love you unconditionally and if you have a pet that you love dearly, you may want to try and incorporate them into your wedding festivities.

Are you a dog lover who really hopes to incorporate your furry friend into your wedding day? There are so many fun ways to include your pet in your wedding and today we wanted to share these great wedding signs for dogs that we saw on Huffington Post that we know you all will love.

A nice snapshot of the bride and her dog licking her with the statement "I loved her First" is a moving scene.
a cute bulldog on a leash with the statement "daddy here comes our girl"
This adorable dog in a pink leash in honor of his fur parents' wedding theme is such a sweetie in a "finally" sign.
A cute dog on a red leash proudly displays its scarf with the words "Best Dog" inscribed on it.
These adorable pets are overjoyed that their owners are getting married. Both have signage and save-the-date details with their humans kissing in the back.
a cutie with a signage "here comes the bride"
What a lovely announcement hung around this lovely dog.
With his "I do too" signs, he became an instant member of the family.
This adorable little pet dog is trying to notify everyone that its mother, the bride, is on her way with her signage.
This little cutie is standing in front of a sign instructing guests to choose a seat rather than a side.
This lovely dog is standing proudly with the ring bearer and wearing significant ring security signage.
a lovely photo of the bride and her puppy with the inscription "I loved her first"
This cheerful little dog with a statement I do too in its scarf.
A happy doggo wearing his dog of honor scarf, which is adorned with pink and gray fabric flowers.

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