Wedding Table Decor Ideas

Choosing a theme is often one of the easiest decisions to make when planning a wedding. (Chances are, the bride has had something in mind for a long time). What gets difficult is trying to make that daydream come to life; there are so many ways to incorporate a creative vision from the invitations to the ceremony setting (you can see some fun inspiration here). But today we wanted to focus on just one of those areas and provide you with some fabulous wedding table decor ideas.

Whether you are taking an approach that focuses on simple and sweet, rustic, or whimsical, we’ve got you covered!

a table centerpiece of aloe vera and succulents with a table number in a light green hue
a rustic wedding table decor ideas with flowers as centerpiece
A wonderful wedding decoration in a jar with dried vines forming a nest and small flowers and greens.
As table décor, a DIY table number in a frame with flowers and books with a Coca-cola bottle.

(Above) “This couple, though they had a high-budget wedding, used a lot of homemade or “Pintrist-y” decor. As you can see, the table numbers appear as if the artist rendered them by hand. The programs, announcements, and directions to the reception all had a very similar feel to them. The groom in that particular wedding was the son of a Coca-Cola executive, hence, the Coke bottle vase.

It was interesting to see that the bride’s taste and style are clearly represented in the hand-rendered art, the flowers, and the vintage books, while the groom is represented through the Coke bottle and vintage flask (filled with w/water on the right of the Coke bottle). The table was adorned with wood chips. I’d have to assume that this was the groom’s touch, as the entire reception was held at his family’s log cabin. The wood chips added to the environment (you may be able to see the log cabin in the background).”

– Michael Stephens Photography

Flowers in a basket with handwritten table numbers
Place fresh white and orange flowers with leaves in a transparent jar half-filled with stones and ribbon on top of a tree's cut trunk.
all white table decorations include flowers and hanging lanterns.

(Above left) “This mason jar centerpiece is from a country chic wedding that was AWESOME on a very small budget. The centerpieces were put in green mason jars found at bargain prices. The ribbon and decorations were attached by friends and family during one of their “wedding parties” where many of them got together to help with all the details. Finally, the “D”s for the centerpieces were created with love by a long-time family friend who knew the bride since she was born. I was amazed by the number of awesome helpers who volunteered their time to make sure this couple had the wedding of their dreams.”

– Erika Brown Photography

As a centerpiece, three glasses are used. One has a purple orchid in it, one has a purple candle in it, and the last one has a chrysanthemum flower in it, alongside which is the table number with deco.
a closer look at the table arrangement details, including centerpieces and cutlery
a table setting featuring a rose and moss in a cup
a homemade centerpiece of fresh pink roses and flowering flowers in a jar with a burlap sack and a ribbon
an eye-catching centerpiece of various flowers placed on a table

(Above right and below) Floral and decor credit to Blue Eye Brown Eye.

an orange one stem pretty rose placed in a long glass for decor.
A mix of white large flowers and green leaves makes an ideal table decoration for a simple party.
It's a wonderful wedding table decor with a pink blossom and leaves in complementary colors.
This adorable DIY table decor in a clear glass is made with a mesh cloth and three blue buttons.
The wedding celebration is set up in a simple yet appealing brown and white color scheme. on furnishings and chairs and a lantern as a centerpiece.
The wedding location was decorated with white spherical hanging lanterns and floral and green table decor.
Table arrangement with a one-of-a-kind centerpiece (a small dried branch of a tree with some knitted balls hanging in it).
kitchenware arranged in a square plate on a silk royal blue tablecloth

We hope you found enough wedding table decor ideas to help make your wedding planner a little bit easier!

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