A Week of Photography Favorites: Wedding Whimsy

The very nature of weddings makes them emotional events. But among the sweet, happy, and even tearfully precious moments captured, weddings have their fair share of goofy ones too. And what kind of celebration is it, really, if you can’t let loose a little? We looked to our photographers to show us what “wedding whimsy” means to them, and what did we get? Sprinkles, Gangnam-style dancing, and a whole ‘lotta mustaches!

Wedding Whimsy by Full Spectrum Photography

“This is photo was from one of the most fun wedding parties we have ever photographed.  They kept the party going all night long!  This particular shot was taken outside of the reception venue – Pandora on Green in Downtown Pasadena – just before the reception.”

–  Christina of Full Spectrum Photography

Wedding Whimsy by Jerome Pollos PhotographyWedding Whimsy by Cherished PhotographyWedding Whimsy by Waller Weddings

“What can you expect when you have fun, crazy groomsmen in a year with crazy songs… Gangnam-style dancing! Enough said.”

– Dustin of Waller Weddings

Wedding Whimsy by Courtney Bowlden Photography Wedding Whimsy by Courtney Bowlden PhotographyWedding Whimsy by Courtney Bowlden PhotographyWedding Whimsy by Jess Robertson Photography

“I recently shot Megan & Zane’s wedding here in Southern California. Megan was getting ready at her parent’s home, so I met her there for some getting ready photos. As soon as everyone was ready, she asked if we could do a photo of her and her girls jumping on the bed, since it’s something she’s done since she was a little girl. I had never done anything like this before, so I loved the idea! We had so much fun with this photo, and it’s probably one of my favorite ‘fun’ images from a wedding.”

– Jess Robertson Photography

Wedding Whimsy by Karen Ard Photography

“I had so much fun with this goofball couple that after we did their engagement session, I put together a blooper real for them. They were so fun and spontaneous, I knew they would be the perfect couple for the glass/nose/mustaches I had been carrying around!” 

Karen Ard Photography

Wedding Whimsy by Selden PhotographyWedding Whimsy by Tim and Madie Photography

Above: “Adam’s groomsmen coming to the help of a fellow groomsman who lost tract of which hand was his left.”

Below: “Jessica getting a last minute teeth cleaning from one of her bridesmaids.  That’s a real friend.”

Tim and Madie Photography

Wedding Whimsy by Tim and Madie PhotographyWedding Whimsy by Paired Images

“This still life from Sarah and Matt’s wedding leaves you wanting more.  What do false eyelashes and a chocolate cigar have to do with this wedding reception?  Well, it was the theme of the day.  Even though things don’t go as planned, when your false eyelashes start to fall off at the reception, you just rip them off and continue dancing.  And that is exactly what Sarah did.  The elder women in the family have a tradition of smoking cigars at weddings, but at the last family wedding they lit them inside the reception hall and were, not so kindly, asked to get rid of them by the staff.  So this time they were given chocolate cigars and crisis averted.  This pair is certainly ready for married life and all the bumps it may include.”

– Jess of Paired Images

From top to bottom: Full Spectrum PhotographyJerome Pollos PhotographyWaller Weddings , Courtney Bowlden PhotographyJess Robertson PhotographyKaren Ard Photography,  Selden PhotographyTim and Madie PhotographyPaired Images.

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