Capturing Wonderful Wedding Moments: Alicia Schneider Photography

Alicia Schneider is a mom, a country music fan, but most importantly a photographer. Based out of the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Area, Schneider’s motto is capturing life, laughter, and love…forever.

“When I am behind my lens I am living a dream every time I have the honor of capturing someones wedding…the people, the places, the love, the laughter and the memories…because those are the moments that make life so wonderful.”

With an artsy twist to her photographs, Alicia promises she will be there for every moment of the journey up to the big day.

Here is just one of the many outstanding reviews about the photographer: “When you look back at your photos and wanna feel like your special day was just yesterday the Alicia Schneider Photography is for you. This photographer has such a natural shot, and elegant at the same time. We could not have asked for a better person to work with. Because of her we can keep reliving our special day, and will always have her amazing photos as memories.” -Andrea and Billy

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