8 Bridal Portrait Tips from Pros for Beautiful Photos

Shooting the perfect bridal portrait isn’t easy, but us a skill that makes top wedding photographers stand out from the rest. An expert photographer (and the highest paid one) is someone who can give any bride exactly what she wants.

If that bride wants to look amazing in her portraits, it’s essential for a high-level photographer to provide that. But don’t worry if that’s not your forte, our friends at SnapKnot have created a guide that should help you nail them.

Bridal Portraits from Atelier Pictures Bridal Portraits from Atelier PicturesMakeup and Beauty

1. Assign a “detail watcher”

This can be one of the bride’s bridesmaids or wedding guests who will stay with her throughout her portrait sessions. Just make sure she’s quick with any adjustments that need to be made as well as makeup touch-ups so that you don’t run behind.

“She can help fluff up the bride’s dress, carry extra lip gloss, tissues, blotters, etc. This leaves the photographer’s assistant free to help with posing and lighting.” Kristin Griffin Photography

2. Make sure the bride applies her makeup very carefully

“I always suggest that my brides lean way over when applying lipstick. I heard a horror story where the lipstick broke off and rolled down the front of the wedding dress and there was no way to get the stain out.” – Evelyn Ford Photography

bridal portraits from TWA Photographic Artists

3. Don’t overdo the dip.

It doesn’t take much to create this classic pose, and it shouldn’t be at the discomfort of the bride.

4. Make sure the bride does not have “claw hands”

She should have beautiful, soft hands in all of her bridal portraits, so make sure that her middle and ring fingers are together and softly separated from her pinky and first finger.

5. Think about posture

Women are built differently than men, and, consequently should hold themselves differently in pictures.

“Rather than having the bride stick out her chest, have her think about drawing her shoulders in and down her back. She will look effortlessly beautiful in just about any position.”- Deanna Seiple of Cherryville Photography

6. Pack extra shoes & a shirt

Tell the bride to bring comfortable shoes and the groom to bring an extra undershirt

“As sweat starts to soak through your groom’s undershirt and your bride’s toes pinch in alarming pain, the idea of shooting them both in a ‘romantic’ embrace on the other side of that lake while the sun sets becomes less than picture perfect.” – Chris Mader of TWA Photographic Artists

7. Pay attention to the shoes

While it’s true that a bride’s shoes really won’t show for most of the night, a good photographer will pay attention to them.

“Encourage the bride to try a little color, or even put a message on the bottom of the shoes in jewels, like ‘I DO’.” – Deanna Seiple of Cherryville Photography

8. Don’t forget the snacks

To begin, take a tip from Vancouver, Canada wedding photographer, Evelyn Ford:

“Arrange for someone to bring healthy snacks and bottled water to the photography session. It’s been a long time since breakfast and many weddings are in the heat of the summer. You want to stay energized and hydrated to look and feel your best.”

To conclude, remember that not all brides are created equal. You want them to feel comfortable in their bridal portraits, and while you may have shot a pose that looks stunning with another bride; it may not work for another.

Each bride is unique and has her own personality, and you want to give her pictures that represent who she really is. Communication is the key to making sure you provide your client with the amazing portraits she’s always dreamed of.

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