25 Breathtaking Christmas Wedding Ideas

With Christmas right around the corner, we wanted to share some amazing Christmas wedding ideas with all of you! Christmas weddings can be so beautiful and magical, with the holiday colors, stunning winter florals, and most importantly, the backdrop of a stunning snowfall. With it being one of the most wonderful times of the year, who can resist a Christmas wedding? With these fabulous Christmas wedding ideas, your wedding is sure to be one of the most beautiful your friends and families attend this holiday season!

We found these 25 breathtaking Christmas wedding ideas on Christmas Greetings that we could not resist showing you. Enjoy!

Incorporate your favorite Christmas movie, book, and song choices that can be used to decorate each of the tables at your wedding reception.

this wedding signage with a lovely quote from the  movie Frozen

There is nothing that will brighten up your Christmas wedding more than traditional Christmas lights strung throughout the room. For bonus points, don’t forget about a beautifully decorated Christmas tree too!

gorgeous table setting at a wedding reception with Christmas tree decor at the back.

A wedding wishing tree is the perfect centerpiece option, as guests at every table can write down their wishes for the newlyweds and hang them on the tree. Additionally, to keep with your theme, add votive candles and white flowers to the surroundings of the wedding wishing trees.

As a centerpiece, a bridal wishing tree decorated with shimmering lights and little white flowers.

Another fabulous centerpiece option is to include pinecones, ornament balls, and silver figurines. The combination adds a sense of dazzling class to each of your tables.

As a centerpiece, pinecones, ornament balls, and silver figurines offer a dazzling and beautiful appearance to your table setting.

For some wedding ceremony decor, consider using poinsettia flowers and ornaments, along with lace and chiffon ribbons, for a romantic aisle setting.

utilizing poinsettia flowers and decorations, as well as lace and chiffon ribbons, for a romantic aisle backdrop in wedding ceremony décor.

While red napkins match your color scheme perfectly, consider upping your creativity and turn your regular napkins into stunning works of art to impress all of your reception attendees.

a crimson dinner napkin folded and molded into a rose with realistically placed leaves for more creativity

A beautiful and elegant cake option that will perfectly match the Christmas theme is a red and white wedding cake with fresh flowers.

A four tier red and white wedding cake with fresh flowers is a stunning and elegant cake choice that will perfectly compliment the Christmas theme.

A wedding cake with snowflakes and snowmen is sure to be a hit with everyone.

This two-tiered white wedding cake with snow and snowman decorations and a charming topper is guaranteed to please.

If you’re opting for a traditional white wedding dress, adding a festive-colored belt or ribbon is a great idea, to add the perfect pop of color.

bride in an outdoor shoot with her long white wedding dress accentuated with a red ribbon and her bridal bouquet.

If you aren’t afraid to veer away from the strictly traditional white wedding gown, consider a red and white gown similar to the one shown below.

a beautiful bride in unique red and white colored wedding dress accentuated with crystals  holding her round bouquet.

A staple for romantic weddings is the usage of roses, and your Christmas-themed wedding would most definitely benefit from a centerpiece featuring red roses, holly, and pine leaves. To finish off the perfect centerpiece, place everything in clear glass.

A perfect Christmas-themed centerpiece featuring red roses, holly, and pine leaves.

Candles are one of the perfect items for creating a stunningly romantic table centerpiece, and to fit your theme, tie a festive ribbon around them. Additionally, place the candles on an elegant silver tray and place small ornament balls on the tray to add a little something extra.

Three candles on top of a platter with red ribbons around it and some festive décor for extra design.

Send guests home with Christmas-themed wine bottle stoppers. Consider designs such as snowflakes or Christmas trees.

wine bottle stopper with a snowflake design

Guests will absolutely love receiving an angel Christmas ornament to decorate their tree at home with. The sweet design will remind your guests of your wedding day for years to come!

Credit: elegantweddingsplus.ca

Create hot chocolate in a jar to send home with your family and friends. Such a fun and unique idea!

DIY jar filled with chocolates and marshmallows for wedding favors.

What lovely colors for a Christmas wedding… red and green color-coordinated reception tables.

color coordinated table setting in green and red perfect for a Christmas-themed wedding.

You cannot forget about the most important part of any Christmas wedding: SNOW! Include leafless trees and soft lighting to be shined that gives your wedding ceremony and reception the perfect touch for a winter wonderland affair.

Leafless trees and gentle lighting shone, giving the wedding ceremony and reception the perfect winter wonderland touch.

A fun way to save and preserve the wedding invitation from your or a friend’s wedding is to neatly cut up the invitation and place it inside a clear Christmas ornament. It is a really creative and sweet idea that allows you to remember special moments for years to come.

A wedding invitation is carefully cut up and placed inside a transparent Christmas ornament. It's a pretty cute and original concept.

If you’re choosing to have a Christmas wedding, make them festive and include Christmas colors. Choose a design that incorporates the holiday into simple and elegant.

Christmas colors are used in the wedding invitation to make it festive.

When having a Christmas wedding, you’re going to want to opt for florals such as deep red and white roses, along with green leaves and boughs of holly for a full holiday experience.

This bouquet was constructed consisting of flowers such as deep red and white roses, as well as green foliage and holly boughs for a full Christmas experience.

If you’re going for a complete Christmas look, include white and red poinsettias as your floral choice.

this elegant bouquet with red and white poinsettia and other embellishment is perfect for a Christmas-themed wedding.

We hope you found these 25 breathtaking Christmas wedding ideas as beautiful and enjoyable as we did!

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Planning a winter wedding can be difficult, especially when trying to be creative, so if you’re having a winter wedding, be sure to take a look at these unique winter wedding ideas!

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