Engagement Posing Guide

You are engaged and now you are going to have to master the art of taking photos together… A LOT of photos! From the fun selfies, you have taken of you and your fiancé announcing your engagement to all of your social media pages, to your engagement photos, bridal portraits, and all the different pics that will be snapped of you both throughout your entire wedding day, you want to be ready with great poses. We want to give you tips with this engagement posing guide.

Your wedding photography always will have great suggestions and can you both on your poses, angles, and all that detail to make your engagement photos simply AMAZING, but having a few pose ideas that you love in your mind can help make you a bit more comfortable and the photographer will also love to hear what your favorites are so they can help get you exactly the photos you are looking for!

Here are some great couple photo ideas on ways to pose in our engagement posing guide below!

Leaning In For an (Almost) Kiss

You want to at least get a couple of photos of you sharing a kiss, but how about this “almost” kiss? A pretty cute idea. Sometimes a kiss can get a little messy or funny looking, so keep looking super romantic just like this couple who was photographed by Kristen Booth.

Her Head on His Shoulder

We just think that if you put your head on his shoulder, the photos can look so cute! It is such a fun-loving pose and can get the two of you close together… what is better than that? This photo from a country-themed engagement session taken by Jessica Van Photography is so sweet. We just love the look on both of their faces… the pure joy that they are getting married! 

Wrapped Up in His Arms

You feel safe there anyway, so why not have him wrap you up for some great engagement photos? He can wrap his arms around you while he stands tall behind you, or you can embrace facing each other like he is hugging you. This is one of our favorites from our engagement posing guide… so many great ways you can be wrapped in his arms!

This photo by Finessence Photography is one great example of this. They have made it cute by her sitting on his lap, while he hugs her tightly and she has her arm around him as well.

This photo by This Modern Romance is so romantic… the soon-to-be groom is holding the love of his life tightly in his arms.

His Hand On Your Cheek

There is nothing more sweet and romantic than when he puts his hand on your cheek before a kiss or simply as a gesture to show his love for you… why not get one of those romantic moments captured in your engagement photos? This is a cute idea from a camping-themed engagement session by Justina Louise Photography.

He looks At You, You Are Looking at The Camera

You can be smiling at the camera and he can be staring at you, thinking about how truly excited he is for you to be his wife very soon! You can see the love that Tony Fitzgerald Photography captured as this guy looks sweetly at his love.

Hiding Your Kiss

For another way to switch up those kissing photos and make them a little more fun, why not hide from the camera while you kiss? This couple hid their kiss with some cotton candy during their carnival-themed engagement shoot taken by Adorro Impressive Photography. Such a great way to incorporate a fun (color and delicious) prop that goes great with the overall theme. It is a great way to incorporate some fun props into your photos. (Do you need some prop ideas, read our post on props here)!

Holding Hands

You can do so many things while you hold hands. Hold each other’s hand while you stand side by side, or hold hands while you are close together standing chest to chest. This couple, photographed by Edmonds & McKinlay Photography is simply standing next to each other, hand in hand, and it is such a great photo!

Showing Off Your Bling

You waited for him to propose and are so in love with your ring. Why not show off the beautiful piece of jewelry that you get to wear for the rest of your lives!?! Your photographer can make the ring the main focus of the photo… there are so many great ideas to show off your bling! This photo by Melissa Long Photography is a perfect example of a couple still in the photo, but the engagement ring is the main focus of it all! 

Lying With Your Heads Together

Lying with your heads together is a physical expression of the emotional connection between people, and can be a comforting and meaningful experience for those couples.

Dinofa Photography’s photo is stunning. The couple lying on the grass in a park with their heads together shows a gesture of affection, trust, and connection between them.

Let Him Sweep You Off Your Feet

You know in the movies when a guy will lift up the woman and spin her around, that is what we are talking about here! You can even kiss them as he is picking you up! Here is another photo from Jessica Van Photography where he swept her off her feet in a beautiful field.

Walking Together

Get your photographer to capture a photo of you both walking together…whether you are walking along the dirt road and they capture the photo from behind you or they shoot the two of you walking hand in hand along the beach, or wherever your heart desires! 

We love this photo by Blackbird Foto. The couple is walking hand in hand along the beautiful sandy beach while they both look at each other, talk and stay relaxed so the photographer could capture some amazing engagement photos.

This couple, photographed by Charlie Brown Photography, had the props that they wanted to include in their photos and took this fun shot walking away from the camera.

We hope our engagement posing guide has been helpful for you and given you some fun ideas to switch things up a bit while you are taking your engagement photos. Remember, talk more with your photographer, he or she will most definitely have other ideas that you may love as well!  

For some engagement tips that you should read before planning your engagement session, read our post on engagement shoot tips for couples.  

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