12 Magical Holiday Wedding Photos

The holidays are such a magical time of year… and no better time than to have a beautiful Christmas wedding! With all the twinkling lights, Christmas trees, and joy that everyone is feeling during the holiday, having a Christmas wedding is such a fun idea. There are so many ways to decorate your wedding and various colors that you can use in your holiday them. In celebration of the upcoming holiday, we wanted to share with you 12 magical holiday wedding photos that we found on Huffington Post.

Happy holidays to each and every one of you!

In front of a massive Christmas tree, this gorgeous couple enjoyed a tender kiss. The bride is dressed in a white long wedding gown with a cloak to keep her warm, and her groom is dressed in a black suit in their holiday wedding.
The couple exhibits a dip kiss in an outdoor picture with a gigantic Christmas tree in the background and snow everywhere.
In an outdoor photo shoot, the couple stands hand in hand in their winter wedding dress alongside a nativity scene décor.
a lovely image of the couple in their ceremony venue, with a great halo of glittering lights over their heads and a Christmas tree in the background.
the lovely pair shares a warm hug to keep them warm in an outdoor photo shoot with snow falling.
The couple were standing in front of a massive Christmas tree. The groom hugs her bride from behind as she closes her eyes and enjoys the moment.
a wedding ceremony with the husband and bride, as well as their wedding coordinator, and a stunning wedding decor of miniature Christmas trees with white twinkling lights and a massive reindeer head
The bride and bridesmaids are all smiles during an outdoor photo session. The bride is dressed in a long white wedding gown, while her bridesmaids are dressed in red wedding attire, and they are clutching their lovely bouquets.
The husband is wearing a cap and cozy winter attire while holding a snowman-shaped biscuit, and the bride is beautiful in winter clothing and a magnificent flower crown while holding a glass of milk.
The bride hugs her husband's face close to her, with hazy glittering lights behind them.
While photographing near a structure with a large mistletoe, the pair shares a lovely kiss.
This charming pair in their holiday wedding outfit is doing an outdoor photo, leaning towards each other face to face showing sweet gesture.

We hope you loved these magical holiday wedding photos! To see all of them, visit the original article on Huffington Post. For other Christmas wedding ideas, click here.

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