Wedding Traditions: “Something Blue”

Alas, we have reached the final of the four components to our “Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue” series. A lot of brides have a difficult time coming up with “Something Blue”, especially if they don’t necessarily want to wear that color on their wedding day. Have no fear, our photographers have come through with some great ideas for incorporating something blue into your wedding – from the obvious to the more creative.

Take a peek and find the “Something Blue” that is right for you!

1. Invitations

blue wedding invitation with blue colored stones captured in the sand.

2. Shoes

A stunning bride's sapphire studded shoes pop from underneath her whimsical white dress.

3. Your Flower Girl

Little flower girl seated in an art light blue outfit with a flower wreath on her head.

4. A Simple Pin

– Kristin Griffin Photography

(Below) “I also include my favorite “something blue” which was a bride with a short bridal gown who simply used a safety pin to attach a small blue rhinestone to the hem of her dress.  So pretty, simple, and elegant.”

– Ranae of EMotion Galleries

5.. Your Bouquet

As a bridal bouquet, blue roses are elegantly arranged.

6. Embroidered Handkerchief

A white gold or platinum engagement/wedding ring on a handkerchief with a little blue flower and green leaf embroidered design, sitting on a wonderful blue texture with a floral pattern."

7. A Ribbon

Back view of a bride and groom on their wedding day. The bride in a bridal gown with a blue ribbon around her waist and the husband in a black suit

(Below) “Kim and Bob wanted to honor Kim’s Celtic roots with a hand fastening ceremony, so she made the ties out of blue ribbon and attached a small ceramic whale which had personal significance to the couple.”

– Kristin Griffin Photography

8. Accessories

The blue wedding accessories include a necklace, earrings, and a garter.

9. Your Wedding Cake

Gorgeous blue wedding cake decorated with blueberries.

10. Lingerie

Attractive blonde bride in blue underwear and lace gown, seductively staring at camera with palm on chin.

11. Table Decor

Wedding table decorated with white flowers, candles... Blue and white.

If you plan on following the tradition all the way through, be sure to check out the other posts in our series: “Something Old”, “Something New“, and “Something Borrowed.”

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