5 Picture Perfect Spring Wedding Colors

Spring is here and we love it! The blooming flowers, bright blue skies, green grass and leaves make for a beautiful time for a wedding. While planning your wedding details, theme and colors, keeping the season in mind is always a great idea. There are so many perfect spring wedding colors to use in your wedding, but we wanted to share a few of our favorite colors that are simply gorgeous for a springtime wedding!

One great thing that we just adore about these beautiful spring wedding colors, is that there can be so many varying shades of each color. Do you love pink? You can choose a more pale pink to make your wedding more soft, or you could opt for a bright pink. Still a great color for spring but makes the mood of your day a little bit different. The same goes for all the colors we love here!


Pink is a perfect option for a spring wedding. Whether you are using pink bridesmaid dresses, has an assortment of pink flowers or even using pink in your decor, pink is one of our favorites for a spring event!

Are you interested in using a shade of pink in your wedding? Here are a few photos with some pink wedding inspiration that we love!


Nothing says spring more than yellow! The winter has come and gone and the sun is shining.

Light Blue

What is not to love about light blue? It is so bright and just can make you happy. It looks great with so many other colors, that light blue is a wonderful choice for a wedding. Here are some of our favorite shades of blue!


Coral is a beautiful color that is slightly different than the various shades of pink and a great option if you like the femininity of pink but do not want to go the pink route. Here are few photos from various wedding photographers that we love!


This is such a beautiful color and is perfect to compliment the beautiful colors of the various flowers that grow during the springtime. Here are a few photos we found and just love!

We hope our favorite spring wedding colors has helped to inspire you if you are planning your own spring wedding!

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