Griffith Observatory Summer Engagement Shoot

If there is one thing that makes this lovely summer engagement shoot stand out from the rest, it’s how obviously smitten the couple (Jacqueline and Damian) are with each other. Molly of MoHa Photography says that the pair was laughing from the first snap:

“It was so lovely to watch them interact with each other, even amongst the crazy masses of people on this Summer Solstice weekend at the Griffith Observatory, which was our playground for the shoot.”

Summer Engagement Session, MoHa PhotographySummer Engagement from MoHa PhotographySummer Engagement, MoHa PhotographyMoHa PhotographyMoHa PhotographyMoHa PhotographyMoHa Photography MoHa Photography

This pair did not hesitate for a second to smooch all day long to get a lot of these amazing shots – even when people were yelling at them to get a room!

Says Molly:

“I think what I loved most, was the constant cheesiness that was being exchanged between the two. From making fun of each other to telling the other that they love them, even calling the other their ‘noon’ after gazing down into the pendulum clock. It was truly amazing.”

MoHa PhotographyMoHa PhotographyMoHa PhotographyMoHa Photography

You can see more photos from this sweet summer engagement shoot here. Want to see even more of Molly’s work? Visit MoHa Photography!


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