5 Tips For Planning a Backyard Wedding

A backyard wedding can be such a beautiful thing! From being able to really use your own vision to create the theme of your dreams, the possibilities are endless when it comes to having a wedding in your own backyard.

We just love backyard weddings and the amazing details and different types of decor that can go into them. Here is a romantic backyard wedding that has a great, rustic but whimsical feel to it. There is also this backyard wedding in Fresno that was done in a friend of the bride and groom’s backyard.

We hope these great tips are helpful for you in planning your own backyard wedding.

1. Set a Realistic Budget

Even though you are hosting your event at home, the dollars can still add up. Do not think because you are not paying for a venue that you will save tons of money. You certainly can, but you have to be sure to set a budget to make sure you do not go overboard on things you will need to get that you probably would not have to worry about with a venue. You will need tables and chairs, restroom access for guests, a location for caterers to use, a tent in case of rain, and so many other things.

2. Plan for Rain or Sun

We mentioned before that you may need to rent a tent. That is so important for a backyard wedding where you have no other indoor spaces to go into if there is bad weather. Wouldn’t you rather rent the tent and have it up and ready on the day of, rather than getting soaked or having the rain ruin the entire ceremony and reception setup? Rain is not something you want to have to stress about on your wedding day!

You also want to think about how sunny it may be if you are going to be outside for your entire wedding day. If you are having your ceremony and reception both outside in the middle of the day, having a tent to allow for shade is a great thing. Having a few fans blowing under the tent may also be a great idea if you know it is an especially warm time of year.

3. Choose Outdoor Friendly Food and Flowers

Table setting for an event party or wedding reception at home garden

For a wedding that will be outdoors in the heat, you need to make sure you have food that will be alright sitting out in the heat, and you have a good location to keep the food, so it doesn’t spoil if you are keeping it out for a few hours. You do not want to make your guests sick from eating food that has spoiled in the sun.

Flowers are the same… if it is a hot, sunny day, cut flowers could wilt very quickly, especially your bouquets and ones that may not be sitting in water. Be sure to talk with your florist ahead of time, and they can suggest specific flowers that may not wilt in the heat and humidity.

4. Keep Your Guests Comfortable

It can get hot outside, and it is very important if you are having an outdoor wedding to keep your guests in mind when planning. Be sure to have some fans blowing that guests can stand in front of if needed, or just to keep the air moving under the tent. Pass out hand fans during the ceremony that they can use to keep themselves cooler.

Pesky little mosquitos can also make an (extremely annoying) appearance at an outdoor backyard wedding, and most guests would not think to bring bug spray with them. Having a few bottles of bug spray around the area for them to use would be a great touch. It may even be nice to use citronella candles around the perimeter to help keep the pests away.

5. Plan Parking Ahead Of Time

You are going to have to figure out where all your guests are going to park their vehicles during your wedding. You want to make sure you know what the city or town parking regulations are for your area, so you are sure that you are not breaking any laws. It is also a great idea to hire some valets who can take the reins and make sure the parking situation runs smoothly for the entire event.

Thank you for reading! We hope you learn some tips for planning a backyard wedding. For more wedding tips, please visit SnapKnot!

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